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Friday, August 05, 2011

soccer party

Yesterday evening we had a make up soccer game for the one that was "rained" out on Saturday. Technically the field was just wet during our game with a slight drizzle about halfway into our game time. It did rain a bit an hour later but anyways they canceled all soccer games. I guess it's quick to be a rain out when we haven't had but maybe 4 rainy days since October? Abby was a pretty happy girl headed to the game on Thursday! Isn't she a cute soccer player? She actually did really really well last night. Her best game ever - she actually ran after the ball and even made contact with it during play and not just on a throw in or kick off (is that what they are called in soccer?)
Tonight is her usual practice night but since they had a game yesterday instead of a short practice then a party we just had our end of the season party. We had a potluck style party at the park on the same grounds as the fields. There was pizza, soccer cupcakes, juice and fruit. Oh and trophies! Abby (and the rest of the girls) were very happy about that fact! 
Abby was super excited since it's her first trophy ever. She's seen Beau's and now she has her very own. Of course I brought my nice camera.... sans memory card.... umm oops! So my phone had to do! 
Happy girls with their trophies! 
Tomorrow morning is the very last game of the season. I actually haven't been keeping score but as the parents talked at the table while the girls played on the playground I learned that just for kicks one of the other parents was paying attention.... apparently our team is undefeated! Go Cookies! (Yes they chose the Cookies as their team name!)

1 comment :

Unknown said...

I remember those days with mine. They grow so fast and the simplicity and fun of the game disappears.

Enjoy it