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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Silhouette project Saturday

Thursday evening I after an early dinner I turned the table into crafting central again. We've got a fairly large (or very large in Beau's opinion) desk up in Micah's room but the kitchen table is just a better spot for me. If I ignore the having to take it out/put it away all the time factor... but I have to do that upstairs too now that it's Micah's room and not a dedicated office/craft room. I got out the supplies to make tags for some teacher gifts. 

What I used: 
silhouette machine
pieces of scrapbook paper (I used left overs from other projects - these small tags were a great way to use smaller pieces!)
black vinyl 

*This would probably be a pretty easy project to do without most of the above - you could draw/trace your tag shape, hand cut them and punch out the hole the either use sticker letters or simply write it on the tag then use an apple punch or sticker - so don't let it stop you if you don't have all the things I used*
I cut out the tags and apple shape with the silhouette then used black vinyl to cut out the wording. It took very little time at all to do this - the most difficult part was picking the font from all the options I have on my computer!
It took a little bit of time to put all the tiny vinyl letters on the tags but the result was so cute and it wasn't hard to do! 
This morning I'm off to Bath &amp; Body Works to pick up some lotion to tie these onto and they'll be done! They have an event going on today where if you make any purchase in the signature collection (from the deal blogs I gather this can also be travel sized ones - great!) and you'll get a free gift which from the deal site  and on the BBWs ad is a full size lotion and a cosmetic bag. Which is fantastic! A cute gift and a great deal on it making it super budget friendly! Apparently this is online too if you can't get to a store tomorrow! (But you'd have to pay shipping if you shopped online) And if you need more BBWs there is a coupon for a free signature body care item with a $10 purchase so you could get two lotions for the price of one. 

Now all that's left is to tie my pretty tag on to the lotion and it will be ready for Meet the Teacher night! Plus I've got two little ones ready for when Bible class starts back in the fall for Micah's teachers.    
I'm linking up at I Heart Naptime  (She has a cute button but Blogger isn't cooperating to put the button in the post - boo!)

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