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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

sea world playdate today

It's actually surprisingly been a while since we went to Sea World so we headed out there today. We packed up our klean kanteens, popcorn bucket and drink cups along with some pbjs, fruit, carrots and goldfish and headed out. 

The kids love seeing this big Shamu... but they don't like to get close to "walking shamu."
First up was the Sesame Bay of Play. We watched the short show (can you spot Abby?) and rode the carousel.
Then it was time to play in the water! Abby found this quite amusing!
And eat our lunch.
After drying off, getting some popcorn and drinks we went to see the Elmo 4D movie since we hadn't seen that yet. Micah tried on his glasses in the beginning but he didn't wear them past this. Abby did wear hers and it's hilarious because she'll try to grab at the things coming towards her. Of course since it's 4D we all got wet by the misters as well.
The to the sea lions to see the babies. They were still pretty little and I finally got to take a better picture of them than I had been able to take with my phone last time.
We got to see a couple of the babies swimming and playing in the water, while the others slept and nursed on the rocks.
Then we fed them some fish.
Micah was convinced they needed to "eat."  When Abby mentioned the sea lions he chimed in with "eat" because he knew that we've fed them before!
Then it was time to head home because it was already 2 pm and it was hot! It was a fun day though and we are glad we got to enjoy it with friends! I've decided we are skipping naptime today and shooting for an early bedtime to try to get ourselves up earlier in the morning so we won't be so cranky next week waking up early for school!

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