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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Random Ramblings

Micah was such a sweet little man this morning. We read books, colored and played Wii Disney sing-along and then got busy cleaning. We've neglected that the past three days so I could keep him busy and not thinking about missing sister... well that and yesterday morning I crafted instead of cleaned. (I can't wait to share. I made memory verse books for the kids - I'm planning on posting how I did it on Saturday!)

I was able to clean the whole kitchen, mop the floors, wipe down the fridge and pick up in the living room all before 10 am. Unheard of compared to our routine this summer. Of course by the end of dinner my clean floor wasn't so clean any more.... rice + Micah = huge mess.

Since Micah was so well behaved this morning - helpful cleaning and played sweetly with his dogs and trains while I cleaned. When we ran to Target to get marinade for dinner (thought I had some but it must have gotten thrown out in the great fridge clean out a couple weeks ago) and then we got Chick-fil-a for lunch and let Micah play for 30 minutes. Amazingly he had the play area to himself the whole time. He was so cute playing too. Seriously he was loads of fun and cuteness today!

We got rain this afternoon. Probably the shortest and most poorly timed rain shower ever. Beau walked to pick Abby up from school and as soon as Abby came out it started pouring. It take maybe 5 minutes to walk so of course even with the dark clouds he never thought it would rain in the 15 minutes he was gone.... yea. He was soaked. Abby had her new Hello Kitty hoodie so she had that one, Beau carried her and she wasn't too terribly wet. Her backpack and lunch box were wet but luckily her folder inside wasn't. Oh I'm just glad he went to pick her up today instead of me.

We had a slightly better afternoon today. I took Abby out for a quick errand with me and had some one on one time with her - and got her some ice cream. Then an hour of craziness and meltdowns while I cooked. Then dinner, bath, pjs, teeth brushing and books all went smoothly. Abby was in bed at 7. I rocked Micah and he was out by 8. At 8:30 I heard chatter upstairs while I made Abby's lunch -  went upstairs to find Micah awake in Abby's bed and Abby still awake. Oh boy. It's now almost 9:30 and all is quiet so I'm assuming they are asleep but not peeking just yet just in case.

At Abby's school they have a la carte options for lunch for the kids who buy lunch and apparently one of those options is ice cream. Abby's teacher asked us on Tuesday at kinder parent orientation if it was okay she use the rule that ice cream was only for Fridays. Thankfully everyone was good with that. So since I send Abby's lunch - I baked up a couple chocolate chip cookies tonight. One for her lunch and two for a bedtime snack for me along with a glass of milk. :) This way she hopefully won't be sad if the kids who buy lunch get ice cream tomorrow.

If you missed it this morning check out the offer Minted has going on for 25 free mommy cards. Even if you aren't needing them as mommy cards you can design the wording on the business cards however you want.

Tomorrow is Friday and the end of Abby's first week of school. Weekends are going to feel a lot more like weekends now that she's in school all week. Beau's days off are usually Monday and Tuesday so that's his "weekend" and when we used to do family outings.

Scratch that part about the kids being asleep.... as I was typing the last sentence a certain little boy came out of his room carrying his pillow, baby and doggie....

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