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Thursday, August 18, 2011

random ramblings

Today started off on a high note - I got to order my Erin Condren planner with my One Kings Lane voucher... now the impatient wait for it to be printed and arrived. Since it's personalized it takes a little while before it will ship out. I'm trying my best to be patient. Should I be this excited for a paper calendar/planner? Ha! At least I'm not the only one the blog/twitter world is buzzing about these! (Which is how I found out about them!)
out of focus but sweet
We went out to run a couple errands this morning. I had gotten an email from Michael's with a 50% off coupon for all regular price baking items. I was excited because I want to get some silicone muffin tin liners to use in Abby's lunch box. Only I apparently failed to read the part of the coupon where it doesn't start until the 21st... Sunday. That annoys me. Why would you email coupons/sale ad on Wednesday that doesn't start until Sunday.... can't they be more like Target and send out the weekly ad the same day it goes into effect so I don't have to wait for the sale/to use the coupon. So nope didn't buy it (or anything else there) today. Will either go back Sunday or will do without on Monday and I'll go while she is in school. 
I've tried to get a lot of cleaning done today since we didn't have any other plans today. I cleaned the kitchen - including mopping the floors, put away some laundry (more waiting for me still) and a little bit of vacuuming. The kids have helped clean up the playroom and their rooms and have actually done a pretty good job. I'm feeling pretty accomplished about that. Usually it's just one room, maybe two at a time that look clean at a time (before the little tornados go back through) but we've done a pretty good job picking up most of the rooms today so that they all look decent. What a fun day huh? Pretty typical though!
the zoo train from VA has been added to the Thomas trains :)
The food that Beau smoked Tuesday is all amazing! We had ribs last night and brisket tonight! It's all been delicious and having to just worry about side dishes makes dinner time super easy!
Anyone do anything fun today? Abby really wanted to go back to Sea World this morning but with the heat we need to space it out and can't go every day! I could tell the kids were exhausted in the afternoon after being in the heat all morning (and not to mention Micah not napping.) 

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