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Sunday, August 21, 2011

new shoes

A couple weeks ago Nordstroms was having their big annual sale. I'd actually never heard of this sale before but it was totally worth checking out. The prices were fantastic! I took Abby because her current tennis shoes were looking very worn already and I love having something new to start out the school year with. Since it's still so very hot here I'm not planning on too many new clothes until it starts to cool off more since she has plenty of clothes to wear for now. I let Abby pick out a couple shirts at Kohl's on Friday, I got her some cute polka dot khaki shorts at Target for $2.50 last week and my mom mom just texted me that she found some cute shorts on sale for $2 at the Gap today. So she's pretty set to start school now! We just need to actually decide what to wear for the first day!  I had visions in my head of a cute jean jumper like she used to have and kept hoping Gap would come out with something similar this year before the start of school but no such luck. 
She was being very very silly here
Taking an opinionated 4, almost 5 year old (at the time) can be tricky though. She and I didn't totally agree on which pair we liked best. So in the end I decided to buy both. She'll likely wear tennis shoes most days anyway since they'll have recess and pe. The best part was I only paid what I would have for one pair of shoes had they not be on sale.

We actually went out to eat today after Church - not something we do often - we picked Red Robin and the kids and I shared a milk shake.... yum! We were all pretty happy campers about that! Then a quick trip to Michaels (for silicone muffin liners to put in Abby's bento boxes in her lunch box to contain berries and such) and Target - where we were finally able to track down the last thing on Abby's supply list - a drawing pad - not the exact one listed on the supply list but I've given up on that one 3 Targets and an Office Depot later (where they were listed as being available.) This afternoon we've had a relaxing afternoon with a movie and popcorn. 

I can't believe Abby starts school tomorrow! I need to go print out a sign for her to hold for her first day of school pictures! 

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