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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Minted Mommy Cards

Get 25 Free Minted Mommy Cards

Minted is offering an amazing offer right now for 25 free mommy cards and a card holder! All you have to do is pay shipping and handling which I think is a great deal! These cards are all printed on high quality paper that you would find on fine stationary.

I've contemplated some mommy/play date cards for a while now and with Abby starting school and meeting her classmates parents, I thought these would be perfect - no searching for a pen and scrap of paper to write down my information on. 

I finally picked out this card. There are are over a 100 designs and it was so hard to choose! You can even choose to put a picture of your family or your kids (or whatever you want) on the back - or you can choose a solid color back if you'd prefer. I can't wait to get mine! 

Either banner on this post will take you to get started designing your cards if you want to get some of your own!
Get 25 Free Minted Mommy Cards

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