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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

menu for the week

Beau came home from work today with lots of meat to fill up the smoker. The benefits of him being a butcher.... he can get all the deals. If a package of ribs accidentally got a little tear and they had to re-package and reduce it, or brisket that they need to sell quickly because they have lots they need to sell he knows about it, can bring it home and he can get it all at really great prices. I'd been talking about doing this for a week or two so when he came across quite a few great deals today, he decided today was the day and I'm not complaining one bit!
So he brought home a lot today and he filled up the smoker. Since it requires the same amount of gas to smoke one thing or lots of things it's only good to fill the thing up if we are going to smoke something. So I don't have to cook for the rest of the week now! Well other than some various sides to go with all this yummy meat.
I haven't actually tasted any of it yet but it looks and smells delicious. There are ribs - beef spare ribs and baby backs, chicken (well there were two..... now there is one*), a small turkey breast and brisket. I was almost tempted to not go to my girls night out dinner tonight because of all the yummy food we had at home but I know it will be good tomorrow too. Plus I had a wonderful night out with great friends.

*When I was leaving dinner I got a text from Beau very angry at our dog.... apparently while he was unloading the smoker to package up the meat for the fridge, the door to the smoker must not have gotten completely shut... or the dog learned how to open it. He went back outside to get the rest and discovered that Honey had apparently helped herself to a chicken. Not cool dog! At least it wasn't the ribs right? So now hoping the chicken bones haven't hurt her because Beau couldn't find any of the rest of the chicken in the yard (though it was getting dark so maybe it's out there?) So if you use a smoker and have a dog..... make a note to always make sure the door gets completely shut... and maybe with a lock on it.... so that the dog doesn't take off with some of you dinner.

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