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Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday phone dump

So I'm totally stealing this idea from Enjoying the Small Things. So here's our week in iphone pictures. I usually share some of these on twitter/instagram/facebook but not all of them.

Yesterday I worked on Back to School teacher gifts like I showed here with my Silhouette. Better pictures of those coming tomorrow. They were fun and pretty easy to do! I did a few for my friends who have kids starting school as well. Since I already had the design ready to cut out it was simple to just cut and put together a few more. 

Today on One King's Lane they have an Erin Condren sale going on. That's who makes that planner I mentioned Wednesday. They have a $50 e-gift card on sale for $25 so you can buy that and basically buy the planner at half off! I can't wait to get my voucher to order my planner! 

Today our fence finally got fixed after waiting 2 months for them to come do it. We had called them about it, they came looked, said they were going to get an estimate and come fix the boards that were down. Then we never heard back. Tried calling, left a couple messages, life got busy with vacations and the bar exam so we weren't persistant. Then the whole cycle started over and they came and looked at it (again) three weeks later they finally got the crew out here and we actually have a new fence on the side that was really bad. Yay! 

Tonight we are off to a pool party at the Y. We were planning on swimming with friends but a certain little boy didn't want to take his nap but was grumpy, finally slept, and slept late so we had to reschedule since they had evening plans already. But we'll still get to swim... and hopefully wear out the little one after such a late nap so that he doesn't stay up too late tonight.

Happy Friday everyone! Hope ya'll have a great weekend! 

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