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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

First school shopping trip

Yesterday morning we headed out to Target (my favorite place!) to do a little "back to school" shopping. Or in this case I suppose "to school" shopping since she will be going to kindergarden this year. Eek! Seriously already?! 
Her list included 3 red folders, one yellow folder, two boxes of crayons, one box of markers, scissors, erasers, pencils, 2 boxes of kleenex, 1 box of quart ziplock bags and two notebooks. For the notebooks I let her pick from the "fancy" ones with puppies and kitties on them instead of sticking with the basic colored ones. She was one happy camper about that. Nothing else was anything she really got to pick from so this was something she could pick out. 
The sonic ice left in my drink kept the little bit happy while we found everything on the list. 
Then it was a very special trip to the toy section. Abby had gotten a little bit of birthday money from her Uncle Kevin so I gave it to her and she got to pick out a toy she wanted to buy with it. She was very happy about that and had her money in her new purse ready to pick out her toy. After looking at many toys she finally picked a My Little Pony. 
Then a quick browse through the clothes where I scored a pair of shorts for $2.50 and a shirt for $.98 cents that Abby was quite thrilled with. I think most of her back to school clothes might end up coming from Target..... because they seem to be the only store that realizes it's still a million degrees here! Every where else is all about the fall long sleeve clothes and that just won't do when it's 105 here still! She doesn't need much anyway... just a pair of shorts or two as she's growing out of her current ones and maybe a couple shirts. Any major shopping will wait until we actually require fall clothes... so November?

I can't believe she starts school in less than two weeks! I need to get organized! Back to school shopping has me wanting to go back to a paper planner to write everything down in like back in my school days! If only the pretty ones I'm hearing all the blog chatter about weren't so expensive! I guess it's back to Target for me to see what they have! Ha!

1 comment :

Lisa said...

So glad that she got some puppies and kitties to take to school with her!
She sure does love her soft toys!