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Monday, August 22, 2011

first day of school

Well today was the big day. Abby is off to kindergarten - real school - 5 days a week. We woke up early. I haven't had to set my alarm all summer and hadn't seen that time on the clock in a while! 

Her lunch was all packed and ready to go - just had to put it in the lunch box. A pb&amp;j (her favorite), berries, cucumber, a container of ranch, a few white cheddar cheetos and a yogurt. Maybe more than she needed but I didn't want her hungry! 
Her outfit was all laid out waiting for her. I pulled out several options and she got to pick out of those. She was most excited about wearing her new tennis shoes.
We attempted breakfast - which Micah ate, but Abby didn't want to eat. Hopefully we can get her eating a little breakfast so I don't worry about her getting hungry before lunch time this whole week! 
A first day of school picture!
One with Daddy and Micah too! 
And off to walk to school! 
Almost there. She didn't seem nervous at all - mostly excited. She did hold my hand as we walked down the hallway.
One last picture by the class door! 
Once we got inside she was ready to sit down and play with the play dough that was set out for them! 

Then it was time for us to leave..... what a big girl going to kindergarten! 



Heidi said...

Love them! Great job!

rebecca said...

such gorgeous pictures Katie!! :) looks like your daughter had a fabulous first day! Rebecca