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Monday, August 08, 2011

Fancy Nancy Birthday party

 Saturday afternoon was Abby's birthday party. We had some hectic first few minutes when guest started arriving because I wasn't quite ready. Abby was tired from her game and demanding attention from Gigi so we weren't quite decorated, the fruit wasn't ready, the table wasn't set up for the first activity but we pulled it together. However in all the madness I forgot to take pictures of all the set ups but I did get a few party shots. 

When the guests arrived they got to decorate their own fancy frame.  I think they all really liked this. 
Then we sat down and read Fancy Nancy Explorer  Extraordinaire. Once we finished reading about Fancy Nancy and how she and her friends looked at plants and butterflies we headed outside. They all had pots to decorate, then once decorated they planted a flower in their pot.
Once inside and with clean hands everyone sat at the table to decorate a cupcake. We had cupcakes, 4 colors of buttercream frosting and 4 kinds of sprinkles to choose from. Once decorated we sang to Abby. I love her expression when it was time to sing to her.
My attempt at a group shot.
Then it was time for presents. Once they were opened I was out of planned activities. The boys had fun running around with balloons, meanwhile the girls and Micah sat and played with Abby's new baby doll.
I think it went well. I wished I would have gotten everything together better so I could have taken pictures of the set up. They also flew through all the activities I had planned. I wished I would have indulged Abby in the pinata she kept saying she wanted while we were shopping the week before! 

1 comment :

Lisa said...

It was a darling party. So sorry we didn't get more done ahead of time. But I think it was fun anyway!