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Monday, August 01, 2011

Birthday girl

Yesterday I started talking to Abby about what today was. When I told her "August 1st" she thought for a second and replied "my birthday!" She was so excited! (Micah chimed in after she said my birthday with "cake!" - ha! I had to tell him "tomorrow" when he repeated "cake tomorrow" several times) 

After Abby was asleep I filled her room with balloons. What a fun surprise to wake up to. 
Of course it'd be a little more fun if it wasn't at 4:20 am that she woke up to join the party in my bed. Ha! She still had fun with them in the morning while Daddy was off getting a special breakfast for the birthday girl!  She made me very thrilled because she was excited to put on her birthday shirt I had made her! I'm so happy she likes it! 
When we got downstairs Abby pretty much ignored the birthday donuts and went straight for the presents. What girl doesn't like presents? Since I had them set up on the table she climbed right up there to open them. Ha! 
She loved her presents - a couple movies (Beauty and the Beast and Nemo - because she has loved movies lately), a backpack and lunch box for school. She was really excited about them having her name on them! 
Micah also got her a Clifford book when she was very excited about!  
After a fun day of playing, swimming and movie watching we had some special cupcakes. Not just any cupcakes though. Since I'll bake cupcakes for her party this weekend I went ahead and decided to buy cupcakes for today. We got a pack of the ice cream cake cupcakes from Cold Stone. Yummy!

What a fun birthday she's had! I can't believe my little baby girl is already a 5 year old and will be starting kindergarden in just 3 weeks! I asked her if this was her best birthday ever... and the stinker of course said no. So I asked her what was and she said her 4th birthday at the pool. She really liked her pool party last year. Hopefully her party on Saturday will top last year! She was still a very happy girl all day long! She was so silly and requested I call her "birthday girl" all day. I can't blame her it was her birthday after all! 

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