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Monday, August 29, 2011

Back to school with Tea Collection

One of my favorite memories and best part of going back to school was always getting new clothes. I had a hard time this year with Abby going back to school because it's still so hot and I've mentioned before that almost all the stores have moved on to cooler weather, long sleeved fall clothes. I couldn't not give Abby the tradition of back to school shopping so we did get a few new shirts (letting her pick them out even!) and found some shorts on clearance. My mom surprised Abby with a box that had some more shorts and short sleeve shirts that were also in the sales. 

In addition to the few new things she got she also still has some clothes from the spring/summer that have held up wonderfully and still look practically brand new. Those are here clothes from Tea Collection . She actually wore this playtime dress to school Wednesday with the leggings and looked adorable! 
Unfortunately she's become particular about her clothes and dresses aren't her favorite to wear because Tea Collection has the most adorable dresses in their fall collection. I love the Marimba Mini Dress. Seriously I love all the dresses Tea Collection has .... I just wish Abby liked wearing dresses more but unless it's a hoodie dress she is kinda iffy on dresses. 
I can't wait until it starts to get a little bit cooler so I can think about shopping for fall. Right now it's just too hot to even think about it! I love the little boy's collection. Micah approves as of his Tea Collection clothes as well. Aside from his monk-my shirt, some of his favorites are his frog and turtle shirts. Plus they are comfy and still look nice as well! 

Where is your favorite place to shop for clothes for you kids?

1 comment :

Unknown said...

Wherever I can find the best deals!

Our Burlington has pretty good deals. And Target is great for the babies.

I have a lot of handmedowns for both girls, so I don't have to go do a lot of shopping for them.

I'm not a "school's starting" clothes shopper. I'm more of a, "Hey that's cute let's buy it" shopper. Or, "My jeans don't fit" shopper.