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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Adjusting and need ideas!

Home is pretty quiet this week with Abby off at kinder. Micah is slowly adjusting. On Monday, Micah didn't seem bothered for the first hour or so and plopped himself down to read a book while I uploaded pictures from the morning. 
Daddy joined him to look at his book. When Daddy got up Micah came over to me and we read a couple books while I blogged about the first morning of school in between books while he picked a different one from the bookshelf. 
After the first hour he started to acknowledge that Abby wasn't there and got a little upset. He was easily distracted by a quick trip to the park and then to the gym where he got to play with his friends. It was too cute because when he went in and sat down (everyone was sitting as they transitioned between group activities in the childwatch) one of his teachers or friends must have asked about his hair cut (their first time seeing it) and he put his hands up on his head imitating his hair being cut as he said "hair cut" (I could read his lips a little from the window.) Too cute to see him interacting with his friends at the gym. 

Day 2 and 3 we kept busy as well with the gym and errands. Target and Michaels are much easier with only one child instead of two! Well that and I gave Micah a snack while he sat in the buggy. 

Afternoons are a different story. They aren't very quiet. Abby comes home and is very very wound up. She and Micah end up very wild very quickly and are all over the place and lots of fighting and roughness. I haven't seen much of the sweet playing with their toys together that happened a lot over the summer. Monday it was quickly resolved by a trip to the pool but they were beyond exhausted after an early morning, long day and swimming. The pool isn't open on Tues/Thurs afternoons though so it wasn't an option yesterday. It's too hot to play outside in the afternoons (at least 100 if not hotter!) especially since we don't have much shade in the backyard. So yesterday we put on a movie  when things got wild. 
Today the kids calmed down some as I read books with them but I can't read books and cook dinner at the same time! 

So moms with older kiddos in school all day - are your crazy when they get home? I know Abby has to be exhausted and that may be part of why she is so crazy. So how do you deal with it? I need ideas for a good after school routine. She only has one little thing of homework per day which so far takes less than 5 minutes to finish. I'll be glad when it cools off and they can play outside in the afternoon but until then I need something inside! 

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