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Saturday, July 16, 2011

weekend projects

This week I've been working on getting the house back under control. (Yes still.. as I saw on pinterest my new favorite quote is "cleaning while the kids are awake is like shoveling snow while it's still snowing." And while I wouldn't know anything about shoveling snow down here I get the point and it's true. Plus the kids are like little hurricanes and promptly come through as soon as it's clean.) Downstairs got tackled earlier this week and I turned my attention to upstairs. Thursday Abby's room looked liked a major hurricane had gone through it - everything was on the floor and I told her we wouldn't go to Sea World unless she picked up. It worked and she picked up as good as I think any almost 5 year old is capable of. However I've known for a while that she seriously is lacking for storage/organization in her room so Friday I fixed that problem. I went to Target, purchased this basic inexpensive bookshelf, a couple baskets and a set of see through plastic bins. After the kids were asleep I put it together - yes I put it together all by myself! (I'm pretty darn proud of myself too! Ha!) Then carried it upstairs and put it in Abby's room. Filled the baskets with baby dolls clothes, blankets, doll diaper bag and sling and the other one with purses and other random toys. Then the plastic bins have ponies, barbies and cars in them. The top shelf is for the books that are in her room that have been just stacked on top of her night stand. 
The green basket on the floor next to the bookcase has all her stuffed animals (the ones that are in her room and not the playroom or on her bed) then another basket has accessories for her big horse. All her dress-up shoes are still on the floor to the left of the bookcase but at least they aren't buried under other toys anymore! It's almost unbelievable that when she was 11 months old all her toys - yes ALL her toys - fit into that green bucket. Now they are everywhere but at least they are organize now! The bookcase really made a world of difference in her room!

I also did some party preparations - first step mailing the invites. I made them in photoshop and printed them as 4x6 pictures at HEB. I'm pretty happy with how they came out and can't wait for her party! It's a Fancy Nancy theme, I've got it all planned out now and am so excited! Abby kept changing her mind every time I'd ask her what she wanted for her party so my mom and I decided on this theme and have been brainstorming ideas for a couple months... now of course is when Abby settles on a theme and consistently says she wants a kitty party every time her birthday is mentioned for the past 3 weeks. I hope she's not too disappointed because I've already got the Fancy Nancy party planned. I think once she sees it all she won't care a bit that it's not a kitty party.
And a birthday girl needs a special birthday shirt right? I got crafty this afternoon during nap time and put this together for Abby. It's not actually her party outfit since for the party everyone will hopefully dress fancy but I figured she'd like something special for her actual birthday. My mom ordered and sent to my house a big box of goodies for the Silhouette and I'm having a blast with them. I used the sewable fabric interfacing on some fabric to cut out a 5 and iron it onto a shirt for Abby. I was going to attempt to hand stitch it on to give it that added detail but I have a sweet friend who offered to stitch it down with her machine. I've got another detail to add onto it and then it will be finished and I'll share the whole thing.

I also worked on a project for Micah's big boy room which I'll share tomorrow. I'm excited that it's finally almost finished since I've been planning out his big boy room wall decoration in my head for a couple months now. 


Unknown said...

I make Audrey help me clean.

In fact, with direction from me, she cleaned her room all by herself (a task which her 15 y/o sister can't/won't do).

I like the toy set up. We tried to do something like that, but couldn't find the colors we wanted to coordinate it properly. So we got stuck with tupperware. I've been gradually buying the canvas boxes as I see them, but it's a slow process.

Unknown said...

oh ... and shoveling snow while it's snowing ... yeah ... that can be tricky. But some snowstorms are so bad that you have to do it a couple times in the process or you'll get buried in.