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Sunday, July 31, 2011

weekend catch-up

We flew back from VA to TX on Thursday. I did somehow manage to fit everything into the suitcases - I had brought along one large suitcase and one small that we carried on the plane instead of checking. The large suitcase ended up being 52 lbs. Two over the limit. So I removed the bag of sea shells, put them in the small (stuffed) suitcase... and it now weighed 48 lbs.... yup we brought home 4 lbs of sea shells. I'm planning some crafty things with some of them!

Once in the airport I bought a bribe for Micah. He didn't like his seatbelt the first two flights out there and I didn't anticipate that changing. I would have brought his carseat on the plane except it weighs 24 lbs and I already had enough to carry on along with both kids and it just would have been impossible. The kids were oh so excited to see Daddy when we got off the plane at home!
Since we've been home we've kept it pretty low key trying to get back into our routine. Friday we staying in our pajamas almost all day until it was time to go to soccer practice. Abby did fantastic at practice though! Best practice yet! There was a tropical storm in the gulf near Corpus so we actually got a little rain... enough that her game was cancelled Saturday morning. So instead we tackled the task of going to HEB.... I couldn't put it off any longer after being gone a week and having a very empty fridge and pantry after Beau having a week of bachelor living.

Today we worked in the Church nursery this morning and I went out shopping for a birthday girl's surprises I have planned for tomorrow! Eek... my little baby girl turns 5 tomorrow!

Tomorrow I've also got a very long list of things that needs to start getting done for her party on Saturday. I hope I get some more RSVPs though.... because right now I've heard from less than 1/2 the invited guests and I have no idea how many to plan on if the others are or aren't coming! I also must make it back to the gym before I forget how to work out! Ha!

So that's what we've been up to. Hope ya'll are having a great weekend!

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