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Thursday, July 21, 2011


Micah says "hi!" from Virginia! 
Yesterday afternoon we flew, on two planes, and arrived past the kids normal bedtime (after Micah didn't take a nap since we were getting ready doing final packing and heading to the airport) The kids did wonderful for 95% of the trip. The only real problem is that Micah didn't like the seat belt. This resulted in a two year old meltdown the last 20 minutes of the flight into Norfolk as he melted down when I tried to buckle him. He's so tiny he can wiggle under the buckle and get out. Finally I gave up and held him on my lap which stopped the screaming. If I didn't already have enough bags to carry on with us (activity bag, my camera bag/purse, small addition rolling suitcase carry-on so I don't have to pay the outrageous $25 fee to check a bag - I mean seriously?) I'd bring his car-seat but that thing weighs 25 lbs as it is. It might be worth the hassle though? I've got a a week to figure out if it's worth it or not to bring it on the plane on the way home. 

After all that travel the kids were wiped, especially since we stayed up a little while when we got to Grandma and Grandpa's house since they were so excited to see them. That means they slept in late this morning - Abby until 9 am, Micah until 10 am local time - which is normal for Abby (8 am on her body clock but really late for my tiny dude who would normally wake up at 7:30 - 2 and a 1/2 hours of extra sleep) When Abby was awake she headed out to the beach with Grandma and Grandpa.... it was such a chore to get there. They had to walk down a set of stairs and into the backyard ha! They were out on the kayak when Micah woke up and we walked out on the deck to see what they were up to. What a nice private beach we had to play on too! 
Grandpa had a special surprise he planned for the kids. He had a treasure map in a bottle that he threw in the water when the kids weren't watching for Abby to find. Then they went on a search for the treasure buried in the yard. They now have pirate swords, jewels, eye patches and some money. What fun memories! 

After Micah was done with the beach - he was getting sleepy as I didn't give him a nap today either to get him back on 'schedule' after his late wake-up (I really better start giving him a nap again soon or he's going to think he doesn't have to take them anymore though!) we all cleaned up and headed to the Naval base Grandpa works on to reserve a sailboat to take out on Saturday (so excited!) and we got to see the really big ships as well. 

Then after a stop to pick up some sunscreen and see if we needed any other toys for the beach (and googles since I forgot Abby's) we headed back for dinner. After dinner we ended the day with a sweet treat. Yum! 

What a fun day we've had today and we've got a lot more fun planned while we are here! I better get to bed soon so I won't be too tired for the aquarium tomorrow! The kids crashed fast after playing on the beach for so long today! 

One last thing though. I did see this lovely metal chicken on the deck and seeing it again I remember it from their house back in San Antonio before they moved to the beach. I'm wondering though if Grandma bought it after Grandpa told her not to buy anymore towels? (Click the metal chicken link if you want to read the story behind that - from another blogger - a little warning she does use a few curse words but the whole post is hilarious and has been all over my FB page from friends) After you read it you'll be seeing metal chickens everywhere and won't be able to see one without laughing! 


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