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Monday, July 25, 2011

Virginia Zoo

This morning we headed to the zoo. It was a nice day outside, not quite as hot as it has been but still very muggy and humid.  One of the first things we did was try to turn Abby and Grandma into orangutans.
We saw the real orangutans - but they were sleepyheads - hiding in their blankets and shirts to sleep in.
We saw this beautiful tiger. One of my favorite animals. This was a Malayan tiger - the smallest of the types of tigers so he was actually small compared to Mike (LSU's tiger which is a cross between two of the largest types of tigers)
The otters in the Gibbon enclosure were really playful and right in the window. The kids loved watching them!
The Gibbons hanging out cleaning each other above where the otters were playing.
Abby and Micah as otters. I think if they were animals they'd make good river otters since those guys are so playful!
The zoo was very cool in the ways it had combined enclosures of animals that would have been together in the wild - the rhino (Albert who is 45 from what we learned on the zoo train tour) and the zebra were together here.
Then we saw the giraffes.
Then we went inside where we could see the elephants getting their pedicures. That's something I'd never seen before. It was really neat how they had windows to the inside of the elephant house and we could watch the keepers file (with a very large file) the elephants toenails. 
Abby and Micah both had to ride the rhino statue of course.

We came to the kangaroos and saw a couple fighting. Abby explained to us that these are red kangaroos and that's what they do. (She learned that from watching Wild Kratts on PBS - but actually these were Eastern Grey kangaroos but I'm impressed at her animal knowledge!)
And finally the zoo choo choo train!  Micah was oh so excited about this part!
The fountains (we wished we had brought swimsuits and towels - that would have felt nice!) and the beautiful zoo entrance/exit.
Once back at home the kids were happy to play with their zoo souvenirs Grandma so nicely bought for them. A very very pink rhino for Abby and a zoo train for Micah. I'm thinking I might need another suitcase for all their stuff to bring it back home... or a box to take to the post office on the way to the airport. HA!

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Traci said...

That looks like a really cool zoo!