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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Virginia birthday celebration

This morning Grandma had big plans for Abby. We were going to celebrate Abby's birthday today with Grandma and Grandpa since they won't be able to join us for her party in a week and a half. We headed out to a surprise store for Abby to pick out her present. She asked as we were walking if it was a pet store... and it wasn't but it was close! Build-a-bear! Of course I had a camera fail after all the pictures I've been taking my battery was dead. So phone pictures had to do. Abby quickly knew which one she wanted after her experience at Build-a-Bear earlier this year at her friend's birthday party. She was so excited as her puppy (with a collar like she's been wanting!) got stuffed. 
Then it was time to accessorize! Abby found an adorable outfit for her puppy and a headband. Then Grandma showed her the bed and carriers. Of course her new puppy needed not only a bowl but 2 bowls one for food and one for water. A leash was a must as well. That was almost it until Abby saw the shoes and thought puppy needed those too. She was such a happy girl to get her puppy and all the accessories!
Sweet Micah wanted one just like sister too and tried to give the nice worker one to do for him (even put it near the stuffing tube trying to get it on there) but we found him a nice little puppy like sisters that he was perfectly happy with! He loved to take it to the fluffing table and brush it. I think I might need to get him his own brush for his puppy as he keeps trying to take sisters to brush his puppy!
Filling out the adoption certificate. 
Then it was lunch time. We needed a whole extra table for the puppies to sit on. 
And once we got home it was time to play!

Abby's puppy has a magnet in her mouth so she can hold onto the magnet that's in the collar of Micah's puppy. Pretty cute!
After naps and an afternoon on the beach (more on that later!) it was time for a birthday celebration. Abby was so excited to see her birthday banner. 
Then she mentioned that on birthday's you need a cake. So Grandma showed her the next surprise and oh man she was happy!
After dinner it was time to eat cake - on the porch to keep the mess out of the house! I don't think you could have found two happier kids than these two were right then!
Cake and a beautiful birthday sunset! Can't ask for a better pre-birthday celebration! Abby went to bed a very happy and very loved (as always!) little girl tonight!
In between naptime and dinner we headed to the beach as I mentioned earlier. We played and played while we waited for Grandpa to get home. Soon after he got home I spotted a dolphin straight out in front of us in the water. Not too far out - near the crab pots that we have been kayaking out to. We watched the splash and play in front of us for a little while then Grandpa caved and brought the kayak out and he and I headed out to see if we could get a little closer. We got pretty close but then they started heading out deeper. It was beautiful to watch them though! Of course another camera fail since I didn't bring my camera out to the beach with us today! 

After the dolphins Grandpa brought out a net and while we played in the water (we didn't see any jellies today thank goodness!) We kept seeing crabs crawl by and a couple fish swam by as well. Grandma was very successful and caught a crab! The kids loved seeing that! 
Now it's late and we've got a big day planned for tomorrow on our last full day in Virginia with Grandma and Grandpa so I should get some rest!

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