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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Swimming and today's to-do list

Yesterday afternoon Micah woke up cranky from his nap so as soon as the pool was open that's where we headed! It's become our routine to go swimming most Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons - or at least 2 out of 3. This was a nice cure for the crankies... though getting a cranky two year old into a swimsuit when he kept telling me he didn't want to was tricky. Once we got to the pool the crankies were instantly forgotten. 

At Target over the weekend the summer stuff was all on clearance 50% off - I got a picnic blanket (perfect for picnics and soccer games!) and I got these fun pool squirters. We had so much fun with them. Micah was in love - as was Beau. 

We spent 75% of our time in the pool squirting each other! 

Today we spent too much time playing around this morning and I saw I wasn't going to make it in time for the class I like - which just meant I had more time to work on my to-do list. I felt like I was doing well this morning and had a handle on it. This evening however it seems my work on picking up the living room and the kitchen that was clean this morning are no longer as clean and picked up after the little ones wrecked it before/after dinner. I do have a mountain of clean clothes staring at me as I sit here which was all washed today and needs to be folded as sorted. We have a fun adventure tomorrow and I need to get ready but I think I'll do that tomorrow morning and I'll get some sleep tonight! Photobucket

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