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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

simple summer pleasures

We've been keeping busy this week with the gym, nap and then the pool on Monday, a very fun pool play date, nap then Bible class yesterday. Today we hit the gym this morning but we didn't have any afternoon plans. So we decided to enjoy one of summer's simple pleasures... a snow cone. Yum! We get them and head home since there is no good shade or place to sit near the snow cone stand and head right out to the back porch (stripping Micah on the way out ha!) I can't think of a better treat to cool off with on  a hot summer day. Micah got strawberry and today Abby picked wedding cake (which is what I almost always get) and coconut. Usually Abby picks by color (ex. "I want pink and blue) but today she picked flavors she wanted. I'm not sure if she knew what coconut tasted like before that though. 
Then after enjoying their special treat I filled up the water table and they played and Micah got the sticky  snow cone syrup off him. Actually today they both did. Micah ended up sitting in the table and was quite wet and soggy and Abby dumped buckets of water on herself. She said they were bucket showering. Ha!
 "Hey, Micah, can I see your mouth?"



Unknown said...

Is that a disposable diaper I see on Micah????

Kim said...

Mmm, nothing better than a snowcone on a hot summer day in Texas!