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Saturday, July 23, 2011


Pirate Micah plotting to take over the globe last night

This morning after we all took Gus on a walk on the beach (for which my Ergo came in handy or else we'd be walking at a snail's pace!) we headed out to the dock and went sailing. Grandpa has been taking sailing lessons and got to show off his sailing abilities. We had a nice boat with a galley that the kids enjoying going in and out of (despite the heat!)
 We sailed out and headed towards a spot for a picnic. When Abby and Micah weren't too busy scaring me by going up and down into the galley on the little ladder they enjoyed looking out to see the scenery.

We picnicked at Fort Wool which was built under General Robert E. Lee and protected the entrance to the Hamptons Road Harbor. We ended up arriving just in time to the Fort because a tour boat pulled up about 5 minutes later and if we had gotten there after them we wouldn't have been able to dock. As it was we got to hear some of the tour while we were there. 

Then we headed back because it was super hot out there! Micah was a little grumpy and couldn't pick where he wanted to sit (because mommy didn't want him going up and down the ladder over and over!) I sat him down next to me and about a minute later I realized he was awfully still so I asked Grandma to peek at his eyes and they were closed. So I moved him from sitting up next to me onto my lap so he could rest easier. I could have laid him in the galley but it was so hot down there with no breeze this was a little better. This was his first nap in Virginia. We've been having so much fun so napping just hasn't been something we've gotten around to - especially when we are off having fun at the aquarium and the like! 
When we got back we tried to play on the beach, we got about an hour of playing at the beach before a storm moved in and we headed inside. We all ventured out to play in the water because we didn't see any jellyfish like we had on Thursday.... that is until I got stung. Ouch! All the tentacle lines were visible on the back of my leg. I'm just glad it wasn't one of the kids since they were out in the water with us then as well. 
playing on the beach - taken with the iphone
This evening we saw lots of this face as Micah went into a meltdown mode from being so exhausted! A nap is on the agenda for sure tomorrow! 


1 comment :

Leah said...

Looks like y'all had a blast!