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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Just another Thursday...

at Sea World.

This morning we had our normal routine of breakfast, a little playing around, then hitting the gym. I went to Body Pump for the first time in a couple weeks with our vacation, VBS and other distractions - I think I'll be feeling it tomorrow even though I went light on the weights with not having lifted in a while. 

After nap we had a play date with a friend and her boys planned - we packed up a light dinner and headed to Sea World in the late afternoon. We planned to meet later to avoid some of the direct sun earlier in the afternoon but there is no escaping the heat. So we headed right to the Lost Lagoon for water play. We started in the lazy river (which isn't so lazy with kids - especially since if I'm carrying Micah like today it involves a very bended knee/squat style walk so he is in the water - no tube for us if Beau isn't there so that I can keep Abby near us instead of her getting bumped/swept forward too fast by certain powerful jets) Then to the baby pool for Micah. Abby's so sweet to usually stay with Micah and help him remember not to cut in line and to help him climb up on the slides. 

 Then we tried to go see the sea lion babies (after a very long detour for popcorn since the closer popcorn stand had long line and bees stuck in the popcorn - no thanks I prefer my popcorn without stingers!!!) but they close the viewing at the sea lion pool at 6 and it was almost 7 when we got over there. We were all disappointed in not being able to see them today! We went to the playground instead while we waited for the Sea Lions Tonight show.

This is probably my favorite show at Sea World. They basically make fun of all the shows and the people who work at the entrance in the park. The show begins with Seamore and his trainer getting to the entrance and having their fish taken away because "no outside food or drinks are allowed" (which isn't quite the case as you can bring in small portions - especially if you have small children - I brought the kids pbjs, squeezable applesauce and pineapple today)
 A new part of the show since I saw it last year was Seamore and his trainer getting their picture taken with Elmo - another sea lion came out holding an Elmo face. Micah loved this part!
 Beau's favorite when he goes with us is when they announce the Shamu show and say they are going to give a tribute to Shamu. One of the sea lions comes out and flings the toy. Ha!
 And "shamu" in the sea lion show. He can do crunches.... and as of this year push-ups too. Love it! Best show in the park!
All in all a good day at Sea World. Except the part where my beloved fit flops (not cheap Old Navy flip flops mind you) broke. Thank goodness for my friend who saved the day with a pair of flip flops she let me wear since she was wearing her tennis shoes!

Now I'm exhausted! We'll see if I make it to the gym tomorrow ha! I do plan on working on Micah's big boy room with my silhouette and I need to pick up and mail invites for Abby's birthday party! 

1 comment :

stephanie rizzo said...

sad i didn't get to go to seaworld with you and susy...glad yall had fun...dr. appt tues to see what all i will be cleared to do