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Saturday, July 02, 2011

First soccer practice

I guess I can say I'm officially a soccer mom now... just without the mini-van (which will never happen here! :) ) Last night Abby had her first ever soccer practice. It wasn't technically the first practice as we missed one while we were out of town but that's okay - we had a blast on vacation. Since ballet is over (and Ballet Gloria is likely not returning to the Church again this fall as the girls who have so sweetly volunteered their time for many years are not planning to offer it again which makes us sad but we understand it's a huge commitment from them to teach - especially since they do it all for free) we decided to try something different this summer. Abby's been wanting to do soccer for a while since she sees the games going on when we go to the gym on Saturdays so we finally signed her up. I didn't want to do it while she was still in ballet because I didn't want 3 different commitments for her in a week (ballet, practice and a game) while she is still so young.

We got there and met the coach and his wife who are both very nice and were excited to meet Abby. Abby was shy for just a minute not wanting to give the coach a high five but then was ready to head out and play with the other girls (2.. or 3? were missing last night likely due to the 4th of July holiday weekend)
The coach's wife was really nice and she showed Abby how to kick the ball with the side of her foot instead of her toe and caught her up quickly on what she missed last week.

By the middle of practice she had forgotten almost all about that shyness and was giving her coach and his wife hugs and high fives all over the place! Ha! 

Mom bragging moment but I have to say that Abby did fabulously last night for her first ever soccer practice. Other than a shy moment or two when a new drill/game was introduced and a couple times forgetting not to stop the ball with our hands and to use her feet instead she did so well. Like a natural! :)

My little ham had fun too.... he found the cones particularly interesting... as hats or a good place to hide his water bottle under and play peek-a-boo with it. The rest of the practice he wanted to hold my hand and jump from one level of the bleachers to another.... over and over and over. My busy busy boy! If I remember correctly only another year until he's old enough to play if he wants to.


1 comment :

stephanie rizzo said...

love the new banner and looooove micah w the cone hat