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Saturday, July 09, 2011

first soccer game

This morning... bright and early... at 7:30 we had to be at the soccer fields for team pictures then an 8 am game. This was a little tricky as Abby (and I) are not early birds but we made it. Abby wasn't quite as cooperative or as excited as I think she would have been if she had time to wake up before hand. 

Abby's team had one player out so instead of playing 5 on 5 like they usually would they played 4 on 4 so that all our players weren't playing the whole game. Abby's #2. 
Abby's wasn't as into staying with everyone and going for the ball for 2/3rds of the game. 
She did get to do a thrown-in. 
She was very much wanting to stay with the coach and hold his hand than run after the ball with the other girls. The coaches were able to stay on the field and coach the team as they played since they are all still learning! 
Water break and a pep talk
The last part of game Abby got into it a little bit more. Yay! 

All in all a good game and she had fun!


stephanie rizzo said...

the pic of beau and abs is so precious... melts my heart a daddy and his little girl

Angie said...

cuteness!! great pics!

i really hope Layla will play soccer this fall. i have been talking it up. i think she would do great!