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Thursday, July 07, 2011

A bit of this and that

It's been an ordinary week around here.... read: pretty boring leaving little to blog about. 

Monday: We went to the gym in the morning, lunch, naptime and then swimming. We did grill out for dinner but other than that we didn't really do anything special for the 4th. Fireworks are banned since it's so dry (the news says we'll be at Stage 3 drought restrictions by the end of the month...)

Tuesday: The kids and I spent the morning trying to get the house back in order after being gone two weeks and having VBS last week that had us out of the house and worn out. Abby was pretty helpful and got into it helping me put away laundry and clean the bathroom. The kids played pretty nicely when they weren't helping so that was nice. :) We had Bible class in the evening and enjoyed seeing our friends. 

Wednesday: I promised Abby if she was helpful during "cleaning day" we'd have "fun day" So after sleeping in... what? Yea... Micah slept in which for him is 8:30 but that's pretty nice compared to his normal 7:30 (or earlier!) and Abby slept until 9:30 - all from a late bedtime after Bible class Tuesday night. We packed up and headed to Sea World - we got there about 11:30 and saw the new Shamu show and the new Sesame Street show.  The new Shamu show is okay... too much slow time with not a lot of the whales and not enough of the jumps and splashes - the Shamu Rocks Texas night show is much better in my opinion. It's nice to have a new one though after 3 years of the previous show. The new Elmo show was pretty entertaining. The kids enjoyed it and they threw some funny jokes in. After the shows we spent some time in Lost Lagoon (the water park) Abby really enjoys the lazy river, Micah enjoys the baby/toddler pool area. It's nice now with Abby being older she was really sweet to help Micah with the slides (and the standing in line waiting his turn part.) By then it was almost 3 pm so we let Abby pick one animal to see and she picked the Sea Lions. That turned out to be a great pick because there are 4 yes 4 new baby sea lions that I didn't know about! They were all tiny and cuddled up next to their mommies either sleeping or 3 out of 4 were nursing while we watched! One was even in a nice little window area so the kids could see the baby up close! (And of course of all days where I would have loved having my nice camera I only brought my phone)

Thursday: Micah again slept in until 8:30 and Abby until 9.... wow! Could this continue? At least for the next month until we will have to be up really early to get Abby to school at 7:45... eek! While we waited for Abby to wake up I got Micah some breakfast (a bagel and juice) and watched his favorite Curious George - our normal routine since Abby almost always sleeps later than Micah. Micah wanted some of my water and ended up getting his jammies wet and told me about it "wet, wet" so I took them off.... and he said his diaper was wet and took that off too. Since we had already missed both classes at the gym I'd want to go to I decided to attempt some potty training. 

Micah already knew how to pee on the potty - has for a while. Today though I stepped it up with a naked bottom all morning, keeping an eye on him, pottying every 10 minutes. He didn't take long to get the hang of it.... as in he realized when he peed I would give him an M&M.... so he'd dribble just tiny drops and then tell me he peed so he could get another one... like 3 times in a row right after cleaning it out from the time before. Smart kid! Ha! We only had 2 misses all day long... and lots of little tiny dribbles in the potty - even though I'd try to have him make sure he didn't have more before he got up and got his reward. 

A few other Micah tidbits from today: Before I started cooking dinner I was sitting on the floor with Micah near me, I hugged him and told him I loved him.... and for the first time instead of just hugging me back, or smiling, he hugged me and said "love you" Melted my heart!  Then at bedtime Abby wanted a bedtime song so we sang Jesus Loves Me. Then when I went to rock Micah I sang it to him again and he started nodding his hand yes like the motions in the song. So then I did all the motions and he did them with me. Abby was older than him before she started really doing the motions that go with their Bible class songs. So sweet though! 

So that's our week so far.... did I bore you enough? ;)

Tomorrow: Back to the gym as I've skipped too many days this week and soccer practice tomorrow night. Abby has her first game Saturday morning.... bright and early - and we have to be there 30 minutes before game time for team pictures. I'm going to have one groggy girl! (And I'm going to need some caffeine too! Ha!)

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stephanie rizzo said...

thanks for making me teary eyed with micah's love you