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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Big boy room and bedtime books and monkey jammies

Bedtime routine around here is pretty much the same every night. We head upstairs, bathe, get in fresh clean jammies, brush our teeth and pick out a toy to sleep with. Then we usually try to read a book or two or five as long as it's not too late or we aren't too cranky. Finally bedtime prayers, hugs and kisses and good night to Abby while I rock Micah to sleep. It used to be that all bedtime reading, prayers, hugs and kisses took place in Abby's room but since Micah's had his big boy bed we've done some of that in his bed as well. He's always happy to be in his big boy bed. He's also started wanting to just lay down in his bed some nights instead of having me rock him... sigh he's growing up too fast! Though last night after about 10 minutes in his bed, he came out in the hall, wanted to lay in mommy's bed with me. I gave in, he told me he wanted his "two dogs" which usually refers to two specific dogs, so I told him to get them, he disappeared to his room and came back with an armful of toys. Ha! Tonight the same thing went on with the toys and wanting to be in Mommy's bed.... only he went back and got a second armful of toys after the first one.

Here's my silly monkey ready to read in his big boy bed. I'm totally still in love with his bedding. The colors are awesome and it looks so nice! 

Yesterday morning we ran some errands and stopped at Kohl's because every 2-3 months I get a coupon in my mailbox for $10 off any purchase. (I've gotten so many awesome deals with this coupon - a free sprinkler for the backyard, outfit for Abby, two pairs of gym shorts for me and more - in all I've spent maybe $15 on everything total) This time I decided to spend it on Micah and he got a new pair of jammies (for all of $1.87) They had so many cute pairs to choose from but Micah was most in love with the monkeys. There were like 3 different pairs with monkeys and I thought these were just perfect for him. They say "Mommy's silly monkey" That absolutely describes Micah! He was so happy to have monkey jammies - this is him showing them to me. 
And for the wall in his big boy room. I'm still not quite finished though. So I need your vote. I couldn't decide on which paper for the mod podged chipboard M so it's not hung yet. And I've decide I think I need another plane (or 2?) The plane is cut out with navy vinyl using the silhouette. I love the detail and Micah loves it as well - every time we go in the room he's talking about his plane! I kinda wished I could have made it bigger but being my first time working with vinyl I didn't know how piecing together different pieces would go since I couldn't cut the wings any bigger on the silhouette.

So we have an M with stars.
Or an M with gears. I like the colors in this one with the bed but I like the stars/color of the other one with the navy plane. Opinion? It's technically the same M just with different paper on each side since I couldn't pick! Beau's no help - he has no opinion.
Better shots of the papers to help me pick one.  I'm going to add a poll over on the right side so look for it and vote or as always you can leave a comment! (Poll is up - but currently on the very bottom of the side bar while I try to get the HTML to cooperate with me and put it back where it belongs)

I've been debating what to do over the headboard of his bed as well and I think I figured it out today. I have 2 8x10 canvas I got 50% off at Hobby Lobby. I think I might get another one, get some paint in the colors of Micah's bedding and let Micah paint them and hang all 3 across his headboard? Good idea? It might be cute? I could possibly also cover a portion with vinyl/contact paper in a cut out plane and then remove when it's painted to keep with the theme? Or back to the drawing board?

I'm having so much fun crafting and organizing this weekend I'm going to make a list of other things to do!

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