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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Beach day

Today we spent most of the day on the beach. After some breakfast we walked Gus on the beach and Abby collected shells. She's already collected a million, I'm sure it will be 2-3 million before we leave. She'll have a hard time picking which to bring home! Once we were back from the walk Abby and Micah looked through their shells and picked out a few for Micah to have in his bucket. 

We also found this big guy. A hermit crab. Micah especially really wanted to see him and kept asking to "see" as he was on my back in the Ergo. We brought him back up to the house so that I could snap a couple pictures of him since I didn't bring my camera with me on the walk. Raining a little water from the house on him convinced him to peek himself out of the shell where we could see him. 

Then when we headed down to play on the beach we put him back in his home where I found him.
Abby watched as he crawled into the waves.
Then we headed back to play on the beach. Can you see Grandpa brining down the kayak?
While Grandma and Grandpa took the kayak out for a spin, Abby and Micah got busying building a sandcastle.

They made a pretty good one! Abby found the perfect sand that was easily molded into the castle. Until that very last bucket that didn't hold it's shape.
When that bucket/castle crumbled as she tried to place it, she decided they should knock the whole thing down.

Here come Grandma and Grandpa! After they got back in I went out with Grandpa and the kids. Abby liked going out to where the crab pots are and seeing the buoys.
Grandpa brought out the heavy duty equipment and built a big sand castle/fort but the waves starting coming in higher and stronger so it didn't last too long. Abby also tried to tunnel through it.
Abby and Micah seemed to really enjoy the beach life today and got really into building sand castles and finding lots of shells. We stayed out for about 3 hours then headed in for lunch. After lunch Micah got his first nap in Virginia and slept for 3 hours - we wore the babe out! Abby went back out on the beach for a little while with Grandma and Grandpa and also rested a little bit. Then we ventured out for dinner and finished the day with a movie while we listened to the storm that was coming through. 

1 comment :

Traci said...

I just love the beach. It looks like the kids are having a great time! How cool to find a Hermit Crab.