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Monday, July 18, 2011

Abby's second soccer game

So practice on Friday wasn't Abby's best practice (ya know of the 3 she's had) She much preferred to sit on a ball, grab a stick and dig in the dirt. The only thing she really participated in was practicing throwing it in. After practice we had to run an errand and Abby asked to watch a movie when we got home so I agreed. We had breakfast for dinner (french toast and an entire carton of strawberries - most of the berries eaten by Micah) picnic style while we watched Tangled which Abby and Micah both love. In hindsight however that probably wasn't the smartest idea because while it was really nice to enjoy a movie picnic dinner with my sweet little ones they could have used an earlier bedtime before an early morning game. 

Abby was not thrilled to be woken up for the game (8 am game) and said she didn't want to play soccer. We managed to convince her that we should go and got to the field. She didn't want to play when we got there so she was the first to sit out (4 on 4 as we were down a play again) She, a little bit reluctantly, went in to play in the 2nd quarter. Soon after she started playing they had a thrown in and she got to be the one to throw it in. That got a smile on her face! 

For about a quarter and a half she played and did better than her first game at staying in (or at least closer to) the action. The other quarter and a half that she played she wasn't really into it as much and went back to trailing behind. Her next game she plays in will be at 9 am. I'm curious if being more awake will mean she is more into playing?  Into it or not it's still adorable to watch her and all the girls play!
This picture cracks me up. Their coach is trying to get the to turn the ball around as they head the wrong way!

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