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Sunday, July 31, 2011

weekend catch-up

We flew back from VA to TX on Thursday. I did somehow manage to fit everything into the suitcases - I had brought along one large suitcase and one small that we carried on the plane instead of checking. The large suitcase ended up being 52 lbs. Two over the limit. So I removed the bag of sea shells, put them in the small (stuffed) suitcase... and it now weighed 48 lbs.... yup we brought home 4 lbs of sea shells. I'm planning some crafty things with some of them!

Once in the airport I bought a bribe for Micah. He didn't like his seatbelt the first two flights out there and I didn't anticipate that changing. I would have brought his carseat on the plane except it weighs 24 lbs and I already had enough to carry on along with both kids and it just would have been impossible. The kids were oh so excited to see Daddy when we got off the plane at home!
Since we've been home we've kept it pretty low key trying to get back into our routine. Friday we staying in our pajamas almost all day until it was time to go to soccer practice. Abby did fantastic at practice though! Best practice yet! There was a tropical storm in the gulf near Corpus so we actually got a little rain... enough that her game was cancelled Saturday morning. So instead we tackled the task of going to HEB.... I couldn't put it off any longer after being gone a week and having a very empty fridge and pantry after Beau having a week of bachelor living.

Today we worked in the Church nursery this morning and I went out shopping for a birthday girl's surprises I have planned for tomorrow! Eek... my little baby girl turns 5 tomorrow!

Tomorrow I've also got a very long list of things that needs to start getting done for her party on Saturday. I hope I get some more RSVPs though.... because right now I've heard from less than 1/2 the invited guests and I have no idea how many to plan on if the others are or aren't coming! I also must make it back to the gym before I forget how to work out! Ha!

So that's what we've been up to. Hope ya'll are having a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

She collects seashells by the seashore

Abby's quickly become a seashell collecting pro while on vacation. 
This morning we laid them all out to pick our favorites to bring home. Quite the collection she's picked up over the days we've been here. 

A few of the shells we'll be bringing home.
Now we are off to Bush Gardens this afternoon. I'm excited it looks like it will be lots of fun. Maybe a little hot but fun none the less. Probably no blog post with those pictures until we get home from VA. We plan on staying until close (or the kids get too tired and cranky!) then we fly home tomorrow. I still need to figure out how we are getting everything back home with the new toys Abby and Micah have gotten. Oh and the giant metal chicken I found that I thought Beau might like for our anniversary next week. :) 


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Virginia birthday celebration

This morning Grandma had big plans for Abby. We were going to celebrate Abby's birthday today with Grandma and Grandpa since they won't be able to join us for her party in a week and a half. We headed out to a surprise store for Abby to pick out her present. She asked as we were walking if it was a pet store... and it wasn't but it was close! Build-a-bear! Of course I had a camera fail after all the pictures I've been taking my battery was dead. So phone pictures had to do. Abby quickly knew which one she wanted after her experience at Build-a-Bear earlier this year at her friend's birthday party. She was so excited as her puppy (with a collar like she's been wanting!) got stuffed. 
Then it was time to accessorize! Abby found an adorable outfit for her puppy and a headband. Then Grandma showed her the bed and carriers. Of course her new puppy needed not only a bowl but 2 bowls one for food and one for water. A leash was a must as well. That was almost it until Abby saw the shoes and thought puppy needed those too. She was such a happy girl to get her puppy and all the accessories!
Sweet Micah wanted one just like sister too and tried to give the nice worker one to do for him (even put it near the stuffing tube trying to get it on there) but we found him a nice little puppy like sisters that he was perfectly happy with! He loved to take it to the fluffing table and brush it. I think I might need to get him his own brush for his puppy as he keeps trying to take sisters to brush his puppy!
Filling out the adoption certificate. 
Then it was lunch time. We needed a whole extra table for the puppies to sit on. 
And once we got home it was time to play!

Abby's puppy has a magnet in her mouth so she can hold onto the magnet that's in the collar of Micah's puppy. Pretty cute!
After naps and an afternoon on the beach (more on that later!) it was time for a birthday celebration. Abby was so excited to see her birthday banner. 
Then she mentioned that on birthday's you need a cake. So Grandma showed her the next surprise and oh man she was happy!
After dinner it was time to eat cake - on the porch to keep the mess out of the house! I don't think you could have found two happier kids than these two were right then!
Cake and a beautiful birthday sunset! Can't ask for a better pre-birthday celebration! Abby went to bed a very happy and very loved (as always!) little girl tonight!
In between naptime and dinner we headed to the beach as I mentioned earlier. We played and played while we waited for Grandpa to get home. Soon after he got home I spotted a dolphin straight out in front of us in the water. Not too far out - near the crab pots that we have been kayaking out to. We watched the splash and play in front of us for a little while then Grandpa caved and brought the kayak out and he and I headed out to see if we could get a little closer. We got pretty close but then they started heading out deeper. It was beautiful to watch them though! Of course another camera fail since I didn't bring my camera out to the beach with us today! 

After the dolphins Grandpa brought out a net and while we played in the water (we didn't see any jellies today thank goodness!) We kept seeing crabs crawl by and a couple fish swam by as well. Grandma was very successful and caught a crab! The kids loved seeing that! 
Now it's late and we've got a big day planned for tomorrow on our last full day in Virginia with Grandma and Grandpa so I should get some rest!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Virginia Zoo

This morning we headed to the zoo. It was a nice day outside, not quite as hot as it has been but still very muggy and humid.  One of the first things we did was try to turn Abby and Grandma into orangutans.
We saw the real orangutans - but they were sleepyheads - hiding in their blankets and shirts to sleep in.
We saw this beautiful tiger. One of my favorite animals. This was a Malayan tiger - the smallest of the types of tigers so he was actually small compared to Mike (LSU's tiger which is a cross between two of the largest types of tigers)
The otters in the Gibbon enclosure were really playful and right in the window. The kids loved watching them!
The Gibbons hanging out cleaning each other above where the otters were playing.
Abby and Micah as otters. I think if they were animals they'd make good river otters since those guys are so playful!
The zoo was very cool in the ways it had combined enclosures of animals that would have been together in the wild - the rhino (Albert who is 45 from what we learned on the zoo train tour) and the zebra were together here.
Then we saw the giraffes.
Then we went inside where we could see the elephants getting their pedicures. That's something I'd never seen before. It was really neat how they had windows to the inside of the elephant house and we could watch the keepers file (with a very large file) the elephants toenails. 
Abby and Micah both had to ride the rhino statue of course.

We came to the kangaroos and saw a couple fighting. Abby explained to us that these are red kangaroos and that's what they do. (She learned that from watching Wild Kratts on PBS - but actually these were Eastern Grey kangaroos but I'm impressed at her animal knowledge!)
And finally the zoo choo choo train!  Micah was oh so excited about this part!
The fountains (we wished we had brought swimsuits and towels - that would have felt nice!) and the beautiful zoo entrance/exit.
Once back at home the kids were happy to play with their zoo souvenirs Grandma so nicely bought for them. A very very pink rhino for Abby and a zoo train for Micah. I'm thinking I might need another suitcase for all their stuff to bring it back home... or a box to take to the post office on the way to the airport. HA!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Beach day

Today we spent most of the day on the beach. After some breakfast we walked Gus on the beach and Abby collected shells. She's already collected a million, I'm sure it will be 2-3 million before we leave. She'll have a hard time picking which to bring home! Once we were back from the walk Abby and Micah looked through their shells and picked out a few for Micah to have in his bucket. 

We also found this big guy. A hermit crab. Micah especially really wanted to see him and kept asking to "see" as he was on my back in the Ergo. We brought him back up to the house so that I could snap a couple pictures of him since I didn't bring my camera with me on the walk. Raining a little water from the house on him convinced him to peek himself out of the shell where we could see him. 

Then when we headed down to play on the beach we put him back in his home where I found him.
Abby watched as he crawled into the waves.
Then we headed back to play on the beach. Can you see Grandpa brining down the kayak?
While Grandma and Grandpa took the kayak out for a spin, Abby and Micah got busying building a sandcastle.

They made a pretty good one! Abby found the perfect sand that was easily molded into the castle. Until that very last bucket that didn't hold it's shape.
When that bucket/castle crumbled as she tried to place it, she decided they should knock the whole thing down.

Here come Grandma and Grandpa! After they got back in I went out with Grandpa and the kids. Abby liked going out to where the crab pots are and seeing the buoys.
Grandpa brought out the heavy duty equipment and built a big sand castle/fort but the waves starting coming in higher and stronger so it didn't last too long. Abby also tried to tunnel through it.
Abby and Micah seemed to really enjoy the beach life today and got really into building sand castles and finding lots of shells. We stayed out for about 3 hours then headed in for lunch. After lunch Micah got his first nap in Virginia and slept for 3 hours - we wore the babe out! Abby went back out on the beach for a little while with Grandma and Grandpa and also rested a little bit. Then we ventured out for dinner and finished the day with a movie while we listened to the storm that was coming through.