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Friday, June 03, 2011

Thursday playdate

If you've been here a while you've probably figured out that Thursdays are our normal play-date days. Wed/Friday I like to hit the gym in the morning, most Mondays as well. Tuesdays used to be Bibleland in the morning but that's now in the evenings for summer. So that left Thursdays as play-date days. We'll probably vary the days more now that summer is here but we love our Thursday play-dates! This week our mentor, Julia, from Mentoring Moms this past year invited our group out to her house to let the kids play on all the fun water toys she has for her grandkids. 

The kids were so excited to see the huge water slide that she has! 
Whee! I even helped Micah up to the top and he went down once and had fun but he was otherwise content to play in the pool and climb on the little slide in the tunnel you see in the picture below.
Abby's first go at a slip & slide. Most of the time they dove early so they rarely made it to the end of the slip and slide. They had fun anyway! 
Even though there was a larger pool set up all this little pool ended up full of kids. Ha! 
And look a rare picture of me (with Stephanie and tired little Lincoln)... thanks Wendy for taking this picture! 
Julia was such a wonderful hostess to invite us and all our wild kids over to play! We had a wonderful picnic lunch on her patio and the kids were content to play and play and play for 3 hours. 

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