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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

swim lessons

Abby is having her last day of swim lessons tomorrow. She's come so far in just two weeks (8 days) worth of lessons. Before the lessons she didn't want to put her face underwater, she'd need the comfort of having a life jacket or floaties (depending on the pool we were at - the gym/Sea World you have to use a life jacket and at Grandma's pool we can use floaties) Now she is spending half the time at the pool under the water and didn't even want a life jacket the past two trips to the pool. Beau and I joked we personally think we won the swim lesson instructor lottery because the girl teaching her group seems to be by far the best of the 3.

This morning they worked on all the skills they've been building all week. First some kicking....
Then some streamline (aka superman arms)

And some swimming with big arms. 
Then they finished the lessons off with jumping into the pool and swimming back. They used a noodle to help them swim back to the edge so they could really work on the big arms. 
Notice the filming going on in the background there? The Kens 5 camera guy and two other Kens 5 people (producers?) were there and filming the swim lessons for a commercial/news segment. So Abby had her big film debut. HA! I don't know when this will air - I should have asked! 

Tomorrow is her last day.... unless of course we sign her up for the next level in a session later this summer. I'm so proud of how far she's come. Swim lessons have definitely accomplished what I wanted them to accomplish - I knew I could teach her to swim having done swim team for a very very long time and life guarding but she needed that extra push from someone other than mommy and seeing her peers do things like putting their face in the water to get over that fear and that's exactly what happened! 

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