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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Shine the Light

Today was day 3 and the last day of VBS for the kids. Previously I had wondered why our Church only did a 3 day VBS instead of a 4 day like a lot of the other Churches around here do. Today I realized why.... it's exhausting! Plus all the kids (well mine and 4/5 babies in the nursery) came in a little more fussy today and Abby was clearly showing signs of being really exhausted this afternoon. She told me during quiet time she was going to take a nap and I was so hopeful she really would but she didn't.... she could have used it though. Micah was over tired so he took a while to fall asleep for his nap then took a long nap which meant he fought bedtime as he's done all week because of his long naps this week. He did (or at least I think since he hasn't be out of his room again) fall asleep in his big boy bed all by himself!

On the way in to prayer time this morning I had to stop and snap a few pictures of the kids in their matching VBS shirts. It's tough to get them both to look at me and smile - especially at 8:15 am! 

Micah got the smallest size available.... it might just be a little bit big.... ha! But he insisted on wearing his new shirt that matched mine and Abby's. (It's a 3T... he normally wears 12-18 month size clothes as he only recently broke the 20lb mark on the scale which we are oh so excited about!)


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