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Monday, June 27, 2011

Shells and Sunsets

On our last day at the beach we spent lots of time finding different beach 'treasures.' We spent time fishing for the little fish that I mentioned here. Gigi and I discovered the best way to catch them and had 7 of them in our bucket by the time we headed in for lunch.  After lunch and nap we headed back out. The fish were a little more scarce and hard to catch in the afternoon but we were able to find lots of shells by sifting in the edge where the sand and waves meet. We even found some that were still being lived in.
My cousin found something even cooler still living in the shell he found out in the deeper water - a hermit crab. 
That evening we caught the sunset as we headed back in our condo after eating dinner with all the family. A wonderful way to end our last day on the beach. 

It isn't easy to have a beach vacation with the little ones with all the lugging of towels, sand toys, chairs, a pop up shade tent (thanks Pops - it was much enjoyed to have shade on the beach!)  and of course carrying Micah half the time as well to the beach from the condo right across the street from the beach. The memories and enjoyment of the kids (and us!) was well worth it though! 

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