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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

random ramblings

It's our first week back home and oh boy are we keeping busy. Monday was a low key day with the gym in the morning and the pool in the afternoon but it kept us busy a lot of the day. Tuesday started Vacation Bible School at our Church. It's for ages 2-kinder and that means Micah gets to go this year! He (and Abby) are having a blast. They even got shirts today that they will wear tomorrow. Only the smallest they had was 3T.... so Micah might be wearing a nightgown with his shorts tomorrow. The little bit still wears 12-18 month clothes... some 12 month things! Tomorrow is our last day. While they are in their classes I'm working in the nursery to keep the babies of any of the VBS teachers. So instead of 2 hours kid-free during VBS we get there an hour before VBS (which means dragging Abby out of bed) and stay a half-hour later usually. But it's fun - I love working with the Bibleland ladies! It's definitely wearing us out though with the early mornings and the kids staying busy busy busy in their VBS classes. Micah has taken a long nap every day this week (which means a later bedtime unfortunately.)

Friday is Abby's first soccer practice which means Friday morning I need to go out and buy an official soccer ball (we have a ball but it's red and I'm not sure it's the official right size.) It's going to be fun to watch. :)

It's so super hot outside lately as well. We went out and played in the sprinkler before dinner and it was still hot outside at 6:30. Though it wasn't too bad in the shade on the porch thankfully. Unless we are in the pool or sprinkler beside soccer practice I don't think we are going to be spending too much time outside after oh 10 am until September!

I think I've got all the activities and plans for Abby's birthday party figured out! Now to figure out the guest list! I think that's the most difficult part this year... well that and the fact that Abby is voicing an opinion about what kind of party she wants and that changes every time she mentions it so I hope (and think) she will be happy with her party. I think that means that this is the last year I get free reign to come up with the theme and everything on my own though.

Now I'm wiped and have one more day of VBS tomorrow that we need to get up for. So I better head off to bed.... or at least try.... if I can drag myself off Pinterest. Ha! Last night it was easy since it seemed everyone was on and I kept getting server busy messages!

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