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Friday, June 10, 2011

Luau at the Y

This evening we did what we've done every night the pool has been open this week (Monday/Wednesday/Friday) and headed to the pool. Only tonight they had a luau party going on! We got there a little early because I knew from Monday that it would cool off as the sun started going down and wanted to get in as much swimming as possible before Micah got cold. We started in the spray park, then did a little swimming then back to the spray park. Around 7:35ish the pool had hit capacity and there was a line waiting to get in to swim. I gave Abby a 10 minute warning since we had already been swimming for over 30 minutes and then we headed back to the spray park so that others could swim. They had a bunch of beach balls in the pool that the kids were loving playing with but were driving me crazy. They kept losing hold of them and the wind would blow them off and I'd have to retrieve them or Abby would try to swim and hold onto the ball with both arms and then roll over on the ball and it just wasn't working. So we took the balls to the spray park to play with them there - much better! 
I showed Abby how she could get under this like a little umbrella and she loved it! Doesn't she look adorable in her Lime Ricki swim suit as well? 

This section of the spray park is Micah's favorite. The tunnel of fountains. Usually he runs (with me telling him constantly to walk) down the middle where he doesn't get wet. Today he figured out how to step on them and stop them from spraying and went down the line testing each one. 
Abby likes to sit on them to stop them when she gets tired of doing it with her feet.
Abby loved the big blow up things they had to play with. This was one of two parts of a blow up limbo but no one was playing limbo. There were supposed to be games but we must have left before they started! Micah (and Abby) both loved the leis we got as well. 

Poor Micah needs more meat on his bones to not get cold so fast though! He starts shivering well before he's really ready to be done playing. So he cuddled up under a towel for a break them went back to playing for a few minutes. 

Unfortunately he didn't get to play long after his break because they had a little "accident" and had to shut off the water park to clean up, bleach and disinfect the splash park. At least it wasn't the pool so the luau could some what continue. We headed home though since it was bedtime already anyway. 



Polka said...

wow you take amazing photos :)


Angie said...

I love all the pics...I wanna take pics like you :)

We love the splash park near our house! Makes our hot summer days MUCH cooler.