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Wednesday, June 08, 2011


So Beau doesn't work the typical 9-5 so he isn't always home at bedtime (and before anyone gets any ideas I have a very very large dog & an alarm system the nights he's working late!) so that makes it hard for me to fall asleep at night. More so lately on those nights of the week because my bed is now empty. 

Two weeks ago we set up Micah's big boy bed and since then he has been starting out every night in his bed instead of in the crib that is side-carred (like a co-sleeper) next to my bed. It's lonely without my little guy. He'll usually join me around 1-2 am.... which is just a little while after I've fallen asleep on those nights. Such a little tiny boy sleeping in a big giant bed....
I'll share Micah's completed big boy bedroom (well side of the room because the office is still squished in on the other side since all the playtime happens in the playroom!) as soon as I finish putting things up on the wall. I need to get my silhouette out and cut out some vinyl for his walls.... which means I need to purchase the right color vinyl first. Which means this will likely happen after our vacation... so this is now like a huge teaser for something that I won't share until July since I'm going to work watching the little babies of the VBS teachers while my kids are in their VBS classes the week after the kids and I get back from vacation. 

Good thing I've got Pinterest to keep me occupied the nights I can't sleep. 

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