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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hi from Florida!

We've made it safe and sound to Florida! We hit a little traffic on the way cutting Micah's naptime in half since the slow down woke him up (boo!) but other than the kids getting hungry and a little cranky early in the trip we made the trip with relative ease and little fussing. 
After some dinner (which it was extremely difficult to convince Abby to sit still and eat she was so wound up from the excitement of being here plus all the people - family trip with lots of family she hasn't seen in a long time!) we headed across the street from our hotel onto the beach for a quick splash in the water. 

It's so beautiful! White, soft sand and pretty water! The kids loved their first taste of the beach. They'll love tomorrow even more when we go out in the morning with all the beach toys, chairs, floats and really get to play! 

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