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Thursday, June 16, 2011

golf carts, alligator and bunnies

This evening after dinner we took Pop's golf cart out to the neighborhood park (too far to walk and easier/more fun than driving the car!)
After 45 minutes of playing on the playground, the kids were ready to leave. So we drove around to see the pond where the alligator lives. Yes alligator. In a pond. On a golf course. In my parents neighborhood. 
You can almost see the gator in this picture... he's in the water a little bit back from the front tree on the left. His eyes and tip of his nose are poking out of the water. When we left the pond area Micah said "bye alligator" then blew it a kiss. Ha!

Then we headed a little further down the golf course to see the bunnies. They were all out for some evening grass munching. 
Micah was adorable with the bunnies. He'd put his finger to his lips "shh bunnies" and then waving bye to the bunnies.  They are so used to the golf carts as long as we stayed still sitting down they didn't immediately run away. 


1 comment :

Traci said...

Cute pics! We had an alligator in a pond in our subd. last week but thankfully Wildlife & Fisheries came & got it & moved it to the swamp.