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Sunday, June 05, 2011

Family day

So Beau's been working a lot the past 10 days because of the way his schedule worked out he ended up having a long weekend and then two work weeks without a weekend so we had a much needed family day today since he had the day off. 

We headed to Sea World and first off we went and saw the dolphins. The line wasn't too long so we even bought some fish to feed them. It was much nicer than the last time we feed them because they would come up and hang out instead of just snatching a fish and swimming away. This one even came up before Beau brought the fish over. I was even able to help Abby reach out and touch one since they were hanging around longer and not just swimming off.
It was hot (as it's been all week) so we immediately headed to the Lost Lagoon. We swam around the lazy river twice. Micah and I took it literally and we lounged on a tube all the way around. Abby wanted to swim. She's tall enough this year that she can touch the bottom and that makes is super easy for her to swim around the whole thing (without a life jacket even! - of course we were close by just in case!) Then to the slide that the little ones can go down - only Micah went down with me though because Abby didn't want to go. Micah was a little worried at first but had a big smile when we splashed down at the bottom. Then the wave pool and finally the kid pool. All the swimming wore Micah out and left us hungry so we headed home for some food. Gotta love living close enough to just go for a couple hours and not having to see everything every visit. Though Abby wan't pleased about not seeing everything and was upset the whole way out about not seeing the sea lions, penguins... not knowing where her dolphin toy was at home.... ect. I think she was a little tired and hungry too!
After nap we headed out on a mission. Micah loves Curious George. He has one shirt he got that he loves and he wore it yesterday. Then when I tried to change his shirt for Bibleland he didn't want to take it off. So I let him keep it on. Then he refused to take it off for bedtime... and again this morning until I told him he couldn't swim in it. His first one came from Gap and I love their shirts because they are so soft. So I looked online last night and found they had a different one now. Yay! So off we went. It's probably the most expensive shirt I've ever bought for either kid or at least close to it. I'm usually pretty good about shopping during sales or when they have coupons which Gap does fairly frequently.   Today was not one of those days and no luck with a coupon online either. However it was well worth it for the huge smile on Micah's face to have a new "monk my" shirt! So excited in fact he's wearing it to bed.... 
                                                         Source: gap.com via Katie on Pinterest

Then it was my turn for a treat. The very first snowcones of the summer. How I've waited this long I don't know! Beau had to laugh because we went and looked for the place that's been my favorite - the best ice/most syrup - and it wasn't in the same place. Turns out it had just moved to a corner of the parking lot where we almost didn't see it so Beau got a good laugh at my snowcone stand preferences. Apparently to him all snowcones are equal. In my mind they aren't.  

After we were done with the snowcones Micah went to take care of the kids primary chore - watering Honey. Of course he couldn't do so without getting his shorts totally soaking wet. I love that he loves to give her water. 

Hope ya'll had a great weekend! Our agenda for tomorrow: gym & house cleaning I didn't do this weekend. :) 

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driller said...

My compliments Katie Bob. I just got a chance to catch up on the blog and the last few days recap is just great!

Love you,