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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Doughnuts at Mimi and Pappy's

On Friday night the 17th we headed out from Lake Charles (our 2nd and longest stop on the way to our beach destination - as we stayed there all week having fun with Gigi and Pops!) and headed to Baton Rouge. We got there to Mimi and Pappy's house (my grandparents) in the late evening only a little while before bedtime. In the morning we took a leisurely start to our longest day of driving and spent time visiting with Mimi and Pappy. Abby and Micah had Pappy playing hide and go seek with them both Friday evening and Saturday morning - complete with flash lights. 

Then Mimi suggested to Pappy that maybe some doughnuts would be yummy for breakfast. (On top of the feast of bacon, toast and fruit - what I like to call the Mimi breakfast because she would fix it for me on the mornings when Abby was itty-bitty before I went to my last classes at LSU and Abby stayed with Mimi) 

While Pappy was out getting the doughnuts, the kids and I swung on the back porch on the pretty purple swing. 
When Pappy returned the kids were so excited because not only did he bring back doughnuts but he brought them both one with chocolate and sprinkles! They've only had those maybe once before and I'm not even sure if that's right or if this was a first. 
Micah sure though the sprinkles and chocolate were yummy. Not sure if he ate any of the doughnut at all. He left little teeth marks in a section but not sure it was enough for a bite. He did eat a fair bit of watermelon along with his doughnut (and a slice of bacon.) 
Do you think he thought it was yummy? :)

Hope ya'll have had a wonderful Sunday! We made it back home yesterday after *almost* two weeks of being away. The kids are so excited to see Daddy, Honey (our dog) and all their "new" toys. Today has been a day of getting the house back in order, unpacking, laundry and chores. Sounds fun huh? 

Tonight we are having movie night as both kids have been begging to watch Tangled! 

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