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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cousins and the beach

We are having a blast at the beach! Abby and Micah are really enjoying getting to know and play with their cousins (I guess technically second-cousins?). It's been a while since we've seen them and the last time they were younger and not into playing together as much (there were also more family/cousins all together so it was very busy! As if the close to 20 family members that are here isn't busy!)
We of course headed out to the beach again today. There are plenty of other places that sound like a lot of fun around here but they also are similar to what we have at home so even though I know the kids would love them we are sticking with the beach because the kids love it and it's something we can't do at home! 

I took Micah out past the breaking waves to bob in the water for a little while which he enjoyed (though he did ask several times for Gigi and Pops wanting them over me) He didn't enjoy it as much as we moved back towards shore and we had one big wave break on us. Oops but he didn't fuss and once wrapped in a towel he was happy and loving the beach again. Enough that he went out again with Pops!
Abby tried to catch some of the little tiny fish with her bucket while Gigi and Pops floated out in the water (can you spot them?)
We took a break for lunch then headed back to the beach after a little birthday party for our little cousin who turned 5 today and Micah's long and late nap. Since we headed out for lunch today instead of eating at the condo, Pops was very nice and stopped to get a net so we really could catch fish. Abby, Micah and their cousins all loved that! Pops caught one and I caught one. It's harder than it looks but I managed to luck out and caught one pretty easily so I had to laugh and joke that it wasn't really that hard!
Abby was intrigued by the birthday boys board and asked if she could try it. He was very sweet and let her have a turn, even helped her showing her how to put on the wrist strap. 
Meanwhile Micah was getting himself buried in sand while sitting in the tube. 

One more day of fun on the beach and then we'll have to say goodbye and start the long drive home! We are only breaking it into two days into of the four (! - over a week) that we took getting here
so it will be a couple of long day!

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