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Monday, June 20, 2011

beach bums

Today was our second whole day in Florida and we've officially turned into beach bums.  Abby got a little bit of sun on her back (despite being slathered in sunscreen!) yesterday so our initial plan this morning was to play in the pool in the morning where there was more shade. That worked for a little while but the pool was cold since it was shaded by the building and Micah quickly turned into a popsicle with blue lips. So I decided to take him to the beach to play in the sand. At first Abby still wanted to stay in the pool but then she changed her mind and decided she wanted to go to the beach as well.

Micah was content to just play in the sand in the shade for a little while.
While Abby prefers to build her sand castles on the edge of the water - which explains the sun on her back.
I tried to build some sandcastles with Micah but he prefers for me to build them and him smash them then he starts asking for "more more more!" I also dug him a big hole to sit in and he found that quite fun!
We headed in for lunch and nap time for Micah and then headed back out onto the beach. Micah and I go out there at 3 pm, Abby and Gigi came out a short time after we did and we stayed out there until 6:30. Lots of fun! Lots of reapplying of sunscreen! And we brought snacks for hungry kiddos!

Micah was thrilled with his buddy, his cousin (or I guess second-cousin) got out on the beach to play. They've become little buddies, he loves playing with her and she is like a sweet little mommy with him. So cute to watch! (She's 7, getting close to 8 years old)
In a break from the sun Gigi buried Abby in the same under the wonderful shade providing pop-up tent that Pops brought to the beach! Micah helped by watering her toes! 
When she wasn't building sandcastles Abby loved to grab her swim ring (otherwise called the cucumber from last year when she got a ring from HEB buddy bucks and was in a silly mood and called it a cucumber and it stuck all summer long!) and she would ride the waves into the beach.
Later her cousin got out there with a bigger tube and the girls rode the waves together. 
They took a little tumble but Pops was there to help them right away and they were off again without a fuss! 
After a couple more rides together Abby borrowed a different big tube and they rode separately. Here's a little video of Abby. 

We finally managed to drag the little beach bums off the beach for some dinner. What a fun day we had though! This is definitely the life! 

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