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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Shine the Light

Today was day 3 and the last day of VBS for the kids. Previously I had wondered why our Church only did a 3 day VBS instead of a 4 day like a lot of the other Churches around here do. Today I realized why.... it's exhausting! Plus all the kids (well mine and 4/5 babies in the nursery) came in a little more fussy today and Abby was clearly showing signs of being really exhausted this afternoon. She told me during quiet time she was going to take a nap and I was so hopeful she really would but she didn't.... she could have used it though. Micah was over tired so he took a while to fall asleep for his nap then took a long nap which meant he fought bedtime as he's done all week because of his long naps this week. He did (or at least I think since he hasn't be out of his room again) fall asleep in his big boy bed all by himself!

On the way in to prayer time this morning I had to stop and snap a few pictures of the kids in their matching VBS shirts. It's tough to get them both to look at me and smile - especially at 8:15 am! 

Micah got the smallest size available.... it might just be a little bit big.... ha! But he insisted on wearing his new shirt that matched mine and Abby's. (It's a 3T... he normally wears 12-18 month size clothes as he only recently broke the 20lb mark on the scale which we are oh so excited about!)


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

random ramblings

It's our first week back home and oh boy are we keeping busy. Monday was a low key day with the gym in the morning and the pool in the afternoon but it kept us busy a lot of the day. Tuesday started Vacation Bible School at our Church. It's for ages 2-kinder and that means Micah gets to go this year! He (and Abby) are having a blast. They even got shirts today that they will wear tomorrow. Only the smallest they had was 3T.... so Micah might be wearing a nightgown with his shorts tomorrow. The little bit still wears 12-18 month clothes... some 12 month things! Tomorrow is our last day. While they are in their classes I'm working in the nursery to keep the babies of any of the VBS teachers. So instead of 2 hours kid-free during VBS we get there an hour before VBS (which means dragging Abby out of bed) and stay a half-hour later usually. But it's fun - I love working with the Bibleland ladies! It's definitely wearing us out though with the early mornings and the kids staying busy busy busy in their VBS classes. Micah has taken a long nap every day this week (which means a later bedtime unfortunately.)

Friday is Abby's first soccer practice which means Friday morning I need to go out and buy an official soccer ball (we have a ball but it's red and I'm not sure it's the official right size.) It's going to be fun to watch. :)

It's so super hot outside lately as well. We went out and played in the sprinkler before dinner and it was still hot outside at 6:30. Though it wasn't too bad in the shade on the porch thankfully. Unless we are in the pool or sprinkler beside soccer practice I don't think we are going to be spending too much time outside after oh 10 am until September!

I think I've got all the activities and plans for Abby's birthday party figured out! Now to figure out the guest list! I think that's the most difficult part this year... well that and the fact that Abby is voicing an opinion about what kind of party she wants and that changes every time she mentions it so I hope (and think) she will be happy with her party. I think that means that this is the last year I get free reign to come up with the theme and everything on my own though.

Now I'm wiped and have one more day of VBS tomorrow that we need to get up for. So I better head off to bed.... or at least try.... if I can drag myself off Pinterest. Ha! Last night it was easy since it seemed everyone was on and I kept getting server busy messages!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Shells and Sunsets

On our last day at the beach we spent lots of time finding different beach 'treasures.' We spent time fishing for the little fish that I mentioned here. Gigi and I discovered the best way to catch them and had 7 of them in our bucket by the time we headed in for lunch.  After lunch and nap we headed back out. The fish were a little more scarce and hard to catch in the afternoon but we were able to find lots of shells by sifting in the edge where the sand and waves meet. We even found some that were still being lived in.
My cousin found something even cooler still living in the shell he found out in the deeper water - a hermit crab. 
That evening we caught the sunset as we headed back in our condo after eating dinner with all the family. A wonderful way to end our last day on the beach. 

It isn't easy to have a beach vacation with the little ones with all the lugging of towels, sand toys, chairs, a pop up shade tent (thanks Pops - it was much enjoyed to have shade on the beach!)  and of course carrying Micah half the time as well to the beach from the condo right across the street from the beach. The memories and enjoyment of the kids (and us!) was well worth it though! 

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Doughnuts at Mimi and Pappy's

On Friday night the 17th we headed out from Lake Charles (our 2nd and longest stop on the way to our beach destination - as we stayed there all week having fun with Gigi and Pops!) and headed to Baton Rouge. We got there to Mimi and Pappy's house (my grandparents) in the late evening only a little while before bedtime. In the morning we took a leisurely start to our longest day of driving and spent time visiting with Mimi and Pappy. Abby and Micah had Pappy playing hide and go seek with them both Friday evening and Saturday morning - complete with flash lights. 

Then Mimi suggested to Pappy that maybe some doughnuts would be yummy for breakfast. (On top of the feast of bacon, toast and fruit - what I like to call the Mimi breakfast because she would fix it for me on the mornings when Abby was itty-bitty before I went to my last classes at LSU and Abby stayed with Mimi) 

While Pappy was out getting the doughnuts, the kids and I swung on the back porch on the pretty purple swing. 
When Pappy returned the kids were so excited because not only did he bring back doughnuts but he brought them both one with chocolate and sprinkles! They've only had those maybe once before and I'm not even sure if that's right or if this was a first. 
Micah sure though the sprinkles and chocolate were yummy. Not sure if he ate any of the doughnut at all. He left little teeth marks in a section but not sure it was enough for a bite. He did eat a fair bit of watermelon along with his doughnut (and a slice of bacon.) 
Do you think he thought it was yummy? :)

Hope ya'll have had a wonderful Sunday! We made it back home yesterday after *almost* two weeks of being away. The kids are so excited to see Daddy, Honey (our dog) and all their "new" toys. Today has been a day of getting the house back in order, unpacking, laundry and chores. Sounds fun huh? 

Tonight we are having movie night as both kids have been begging to watch Tangled! 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cousins and the beach

We are having a blast at the beach! Abby and Micah are really enjoying getting to know and play with their cousins (I guess technically second-cousins?). It's been a while since we've seen them and the last time they were younger and not into playing together as much (there were also more family/cousins all together so it was very busy! As if the close to 20 family members that are here isn't busy!)
We of course headed out to the beach again today. There are plenty of other places that sound like a lot of fun around here but they also are similar to what we have at home so even though I know the kids would love them we are sticking with the beach because the kids love it and it's something we can't do at home! 

I took Micah out past the breaking waves to bob in the water for a little while which he enjoyed (though he did ask several times for Gigi and Pops wanting them over me) He didn't enjoy it as much as we moved back towards shore and we had one big wave break on us. Oops but he didn't fuss and once wrapped in a towel he was happy and loving the beach again. Enough that he went out again with Pops!
Abby tried to catch some of the little tiny fish with her bucket while Gigi and Pops floated out in the water (can you spot them?)
We took a break for lunch then headed back to the beach after a little birthday party for our little cousin who turned 5 today and Micah's long and late nap. Since we headed out for lunch today instead of eating at the condo, Pops was very nice and stopped to get a net so we really could catch fish. Abby, Micah and their cousins all loved that! Pops caught one and I caught one. It's harder than it looks but I managed to luck out and caught one pretty easily so I had to laugh and joke that it wasn't really that hard!
Abby was intrigued by the birthday boys board and asked if she could try it. He was very sweet and let her have a turn, even helped her showing her how to put on the wrist strap. 
Meanwhile Micah was getting himself buried in sand while sitting in the tube. 

One more day of fun on the beach and then we'll have to say goodbye and start the long drive home! We are only breaking it into two days into of the four (! - over a week) that we took getting here
so it will be a couple of long day!

Monday, June 20, 2011

beach bums

Today was our second whole day in Florida and we've officially turned into beach bums.  Abby got a little bit of sun on her back (despite being slathered in sunscreen!) yesterday so our initial plan this morning was to play in the pool in the morning where there was more shade. That worked for a little while but the pool was cold since it was shaded by the building and Micah quickly turned into a popsicle with blue lips. So I decided to take him to the beach to play in the sand. At first Abby still wanted to stay in the pool but then she changed her mind and decided she wanted to go to the beach as well.

Micah was content to just play in the sand in the shade for a little while.
While Abby prefers to build her sand castles on the edge of the water - which explains the sun on her back.
I tried to build some sandcastles with Micah but he prefers for me to build them and him smash them then he starts asking for "more more more!" I also dug him a big hole to sit in and he found that quite fun!
We headed in for lunch and nap time for Micah and then headed back out onto the beach. Micah and I go out there at 3 pm, Abby and Gigi came out a short time after we did and we stayed out there until 6:30. Lots of fun! Lots of reapplying of sunscreen! And we brought snacks for hungry kiddos!

Micah was thrilled with his buddy, his cousin (or I guess second-cousin) got out on the beach to play. They've become little buddies, he loves playing with her and she is like a sweet little mommy with him. So cute to watch! (She's 7, getting close to 8 years old)
In a break from the sun Gigi buried Abby in the same under the wonderful shade providing pop-up tent that Pops brought to the beach! Micah helped by watering her toes! 
When she wasn't building sandcastles Abby loved to grab her swim ring (otherwise called the cucumber from last year when she got a ring from HEB buddy bucks and was in a silly mood and called it a cucumber and it stuck all summer long!) and she would ride the waves into the beach.
Later her cousin got out there with a bigger tube and the girls rode the waves together. 
They took a little tumble but Pops was there to help them right away and they were off again without a fuss! 
After a couple more rides together Abby borrowed a different big tube and they rode separately. Here's a little video of Abby. 

We finally managed to drag the little beach bums off the beach for some dinner. What a fun day we had though! This is definitely the life! 

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's day

to an awesome Daddy! Wish you were here relaxing on the beach with us!

And to my dad Pops! Who is with us at the beach this week!

And to Grandpa! 

I hope everyone is enjoying their Father's day!