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Sunday, May 29, 2011

weekend recap

It's been a pretty non-eventful weekend over here - Saturday was pretty low key in the morning. After nap we had Bible class then we had a going away party for a sweet friend from Bibleland. Ms. Selena has been Abby's teacher on Saturday nights for the past little while and has been with Bibleland for a lot longer than I have so it's going to be very different with out her! :( 

We headed to one of the Bibleland ladies' houses for the party. They had a trampoline and 3 dogs. My kids couldn't have been happier! Abby feel in love with the trampoline (and gave me several mini panic attacks and I worried about her being bounced around!) She was seriously filthy by the time we left from the trampoline with black legs, feet, arms even a little on her forehead! (Of course I didn't bring my "real" camera... so iphone pictures have to do) 
Micah (and Abby) both instantly loved the dogs. There were 2 little ones and 1 bigger dog. The larger dog Oscar liked to play fetch which both kids love and tried to throw his toys to him. Later they showed off how good he really was with the flying frisbees which really got the kids attention!
Then for some reason last night I had some serious insomnia and couldn't fall asleep which left me tired this morning but after letting the kids watch a Curious George I got some energy thankfully! Micah had a yucky nose this morning - not horrible but it was slightly greenish unlike yesterday when it was clear. He's been chewing on his finger and has shown signs of getting some more of his bottom teeth but they are the slowest teeth ever! Since he had a yucky nose and I woke up with a sore throat (after my lack of sleep) we ended up not going to Church. :( 

We got up and I put the kids to work with a little house cleaning as we vacuumed the living room, stairs and then mopped the kitchen floor. Abby gladly volunteered for the task of using the little vacuum for the baseboards and then she wiped them down with a towel. (Which I think was one of my least favorite chores when I was growing up) She did pretty well and was such a sweet heart helping! Micah wanted to help too so he got to wipe down the baseboards in the kitchen.  (And yes we were all still in jammies at this point)
Then a quick trip to HEB since we were out of bread and most fruit. The kids were quite cooperative making that easy! After lunch it was the part of the day Abby had been waiting for all morning.... a bath for Honey! Now the dog is all clean. :) Then naptime (and thankfully a short nap for mommy - with a promise to Abby we would play Barbies a lot tomorrow & a trip to the pool after nap - I've created a Barbie playing addict - it's our new quiet time activity)

After Micah woke up we headed to the pool. Micah was so thrilled to hear me say we were going and said "pool yay yay yay" as he jumped up and down. We swam for a little over an hour until the pool closed. Abby did so fantastic! She was going underwater and swimming around so well. She brought her princess dive toy and dove for it over and over on the stairs going practically completely under. 

Then home for dinner. We enjoyed breakfast for dinner with french toast, yogurt and strawberries. All that swimming made Abby hungry - she ate lots of berries, a large serving of yogurt and 3 slices of french toast. More than I ate. 

And then we got to end the day ichat-ing with Gigi and Pops. The kids loved it and actually talked more than they have in previous ichats. Sometimes they end up just being super silly and jumping all over. 

No big Memorial day plans for tomorrow though. We have swim lessons and will probably hit the gym. 

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