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Friday, May 13, 2011

Sunshine after the rain

Yesterday we finally after months and months got a much needed rain. We might have had a couple of mist showers in the past months but we haven't had any rain that has required rainboots, umbrellas or not leaving the house in I don't know how long. Of course that happened to be the morning that we had planned a play date to go to Sea World. Good thing I hadn't told Abby we might go in case of this rain that had been predicted. We were still wavering on going until about 9:30 when the downpour and lightening started - before that we still were thinking it might pass us over quickly without much rain like most of the rain has done recently. It ended up working out well that I had already made it to the gym (for the 8:10 cycling class) and was home before the rain started because otherwise we would have been caught at the gym in the rain.  

We pulled out some leftover Easter stickers and made some pictures. Actually these technically got pulled out as I searched for the broken (used to have the unlock/lock button part on it and now it's half a key) spare key to the car as I had locked my keys in the car - oops! (Thankfully the 1/2 a key worked and no pop-a-lock was required) But no matter the reason for pulling them out the kids were thrilled with the stickers and happily made pictures for about 15 minutes. 

Then we watched a little of Micah's favorite show. Usually he gets to watch Curious George while I get Abby ready for school, or make her lunch (if Beau isn't home since he'll make it if he's home), or in the short amount of time between dropping Abby and school and heading to the gym on school days. He'll know ask for the "mon mky" show when I get the remote. He loves it so much he got a Curious George shirt from my Grandma (thanks Mimi & Pappy!) to go with his new big boy khakis so he can match Daddy.  

Then meltdowns (from Micah because he was up at 6 am yesterday instead of the normal 7:30-8) and Abby (because she's 4 and was having an off day & we had to stay inside) began.  We pulled out the play dough. We haven't played with it in a while because the weather has been too good to waste being inside lately. We'll have plenty of days in the all too near future that we'll need to be inside out of the sun and heat to do play dough or crafts. Unfortunately it only lasted we had some lunch then an early nap and quiet time. 

After quiet time the rain was gone and the sun had begun to come out. Beau had taken the car to work so we had to hang out and wait for him to get home so we headed out to the porch and played with the water table until he got home. When he arrived home I suited up the kids and we headed for the spray park.... only we got there and found it closed for repairs. Not the best for a day in which meltdowns were frequent from one or both kids. Beau tried to remedy it with ice cream for everyone... but that only lasted until Abby was done eating hers. Then it was home for some dinner, a quick bath and a much needed bedtime. 

Today the sun was out bright and shiny. The grass is already looking so much greener everywhere! Abby had promotion chapel at her preschool this morning (more on that in the next post!) 

After returning from Abby's promotion chapel, Beau went to sleep after working last night and Micah and I spent 30-45 minutes playing trains. This boy is so silly! He started with an engine and a single car going around the track by the time we headed down for lunch he had every single train engine and car hooked onto the train - of course that meant they frequently got derailed. The words of the morning were "uh oh" and "help!" Ha! It was so fun playing train with this sweet little guy!   

During quiet time while Micah slept, I played ponies with Abby. Oh so fun! The two "sister" ponies had to have bows and went to several concerts, we fed them dinner, had bedtime and naptime.   Can't wait to see what happens tomorrow in her little imaginary world! 

Once Micah was awake and the pool was open we headed to swim since we couldn't go yesterday! Goodness did we have fun! Micah and Abby jumped from the side into the pool over and over with the biggest smiles on their faces. It was chilly in the pool - especially after the rain yesterday but I don't think the kids noticed. After about 35 minutes Micah started shivering but he refused to get out and wanted to jump and swim around more. Finally 10 minutes later with only a tiny bit of blue-ish tint starting to appear on his lips was he not throwing a fit about getting out and dried off. We sat on the side warming up in the sun while we watched Abby swim on the stairs for another 10 minutes before we left. During those last 10 minutes on the stairs Abby was finally comfortable enough to ditch the life jacket. I was so proud of her as she swam back and forth on the stairs and even got her face in the water a couple times. 
I'm already seeing our routine changing as summer is here and spring is leaving us. The bike rides will likely decrease as we spent more of our afternoons at the pool out of the heat. I'm sure there will still be plenty of bike rides but there will be even more afternoons at the pool and spray park which always wears the kids out!

We can home from the pool and ran a warm bath for the kids. After getting redressed we played some hide and seek. Micah found round one where we found Abby amusing but he wasn't sure about round two when Abby wanted me to hide since Micah didn't know where I went. He caught on though and we were all a load of giggles as we took turns hiding. Micah was a cheat though and peeked while others hide ;) He was happy when he got to find someone. It was a blast! 

It's days like today being able to spend time playing with both kids doing things like they and spending time with both kids enjoying time together that just replenish my mommy tank and make days like yesterday easier to get through. I so enjoyed the kids today they were all smiles and sunshine and the little loves of my life! I am so blessed with these two little ones and can't wait to see what tomorrow brings! 

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