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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sprinkler play

We've had a pretty low key week this week. Abby finished her first week of swim lessons today. She's doing well and seems a little more confident and is enjoying it despite the fact that the pool is pretty chilly at 9 am in the morning. Should hopefully be a little warmer next week if this hot weather keeps up like it looks like it's going to. Then after swim lessons we've hit the gym most days except today where we headed to a play date with friends. 

This evening Beau and I worked out with the new Body Combat release. As he's now a {almost - pending filming him teaching a class} certified Body Combat instructor he got the latest release in the mail yesterday so he wanted to start learning it so I did it along with him (somewhat - while tending to the kids.) During the last couple tracks the kids went outside to give Honey some water and then I filled up the water table for them. This then turned into making puddle in the mud ha! Then I turned on the sprinkler. Micah was already soaked from the water table and puddle making but Abby was fairly dry and didn't want to get her clothes wet so she stripped down to her panties. At least it was the backyard. 

They had a lot of fun - can you tell?

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