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Tuesday, May 03, 2011


So last week we got the Disney sing along karaoke game because Abby loves to sing along with music. We have had about a month long period where every time we got in the car Abby would ask for Veggie Tales. For about the first weeks we only had one cd (from Chick-fil-a months ago) then I found another one (also from CFA) so that brings us to a total of 10 songs - 2 of which are the theme song/introduction.  It's fun to listen to the same songs over and over.... but I love that Abby sings along and wants us to sing along with them too.

I also have a favorite song that I downloaded onto my iphone lately - Christ is Risen by Matt Maher. So every time I'd need a quick break I'd play this song or a David Crowder song. Abby had been asking to go to 'big Church' with me for a couple weeks so two weeks ago she got that chance. This happened to be one of the songs that we sang during the service.

Ever since then we've played a little less Veggie Tales and a little more Christ is Risen.... or "come awake, come awake" as Abby calls it. She knows about 75% of the words and can sing it even without the music. So sweet to hear her little voice singing worship songs to our Lord!

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