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Friday, May 13, 2011

Promotion Chapel

Abby had her promotion (graduation) chapel at school on Friday. It was adorable! They walked in with their classes and stood on the risers. Then they sang 3 of their normal chapel/Praise and Worship songs which I recorded on video. Then each class sat down, Ms. Selma gave a little Commencement speech about what they had learned in Chapel over the past year. Then each student was called up to their teacher and given a certificate of completion of preschool. So cute! She ran up to Mrs. Ham when her name was called with the biggest smile on her face!  

Here is one of the three songs they sang. It's the best of the three as far as my videography goes... really could have used a tripod here because the other two are pretty shaky. 

After everyone got their certificate they said a little prayer to finish chapel time and we got to celebrate with our graduates with a little snack! Abby is always so proud to show off her little brother and gave him a big giant hug while telling all her friends this is "my brother!" SO SWEET! Melts my heart! 

Then it was time for them to go to class and we ended up walking about behind their class so Micah ran up to them "Abby!" and walked with them until they got to the door. :)

I got the most adorable picture of Abby and her teacher Mrs. Ham... too bad it's out of focus and blurry.... my focusing ended up being on the heads of the people in front of us despite the fact that I thought for certain it was right when taking the picture. Not happy about that. Beau asked if I wanted to go up to the front... and I could have wiggled my way out of our row and around to the front but I wasn't sure I wanted to be that mom.... I really wish I would have now - I know for next time I will be that mom! I'm going to have to get a picture of Abby and Mrs. Ham next week before school is over! Abby really loves Mrs. Ham and Mrs. Ham loved her right back - she mention this morning how sweet and loving Abby is and that she'd gladly take Abby home with her. :) My sweet sweet girl!  

Next week is a big fun week at preschool as Monday is "wheels day" and she gets to bring her bike (or scooter - anything with non-motorized wheels.) Wednesday is Field day and that sounds like fun! Then Friday is the last day of school - sad - I think she is really going to miss all her friends - but they'll have a family picnic time where we can all join her for lunch with all her classmates and their families as well. 


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